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søndag, oktober 26, 2014

Work in progress...

Here is a little work in progress, not sure how it will turn out when it is finished, but i have some plans on adding some text and some more color. Thanks for stopping by :-) have a great week. 

mandag, oktober 20, 2014

Autumn love

I was so inspired by this beautiful season,  the colors, the crisp air, the beauty of the trees .... And then I all of a sudden fell over the most beautiful piece of art by Neil Burley  and all of this lead me to create this little page in my messy journal. 
Thanks for stopping by my blog and enjoy the beautiful autumn. 
Love Gudrun. 

torsdag, oktober 16, 2014

I'm thankful

Thank you for stopping by my blog. 
This month I'm the lucky one to have my word up over at the awesome one little word blog. I'm so thankful to be a part of the olw team. So many talented, wonderful, inspiring artists. So please join the journey at olw
This month it's time to be thankful. I'm thankful. Thankful for so many things: art, love, joy, challenges ... 
I created two pages for this word. One"official" for the olw blog and one just because I felt so inspired. 
Pretty simple pages, but I enjoy the simple way of creating right now. I don't have the space, the energy, the time to create in any advanced way even if I wish I had.... But still I'm so thankful I can crate a little in some way with paper, paint, colors....
You are welcome to join in! I would love to see your creations linked up at the olw blog. 

tirsdag, mai 27, 2014

Travel journal to London. :-)

My oldest son, Edvin, got a trip to London as a gift for his 18th birthday, and this weekend we set of to London. We are so excited, and look so much forward to the trip. So, I decided, last minute to create a travel journal for the trip that Edvin can keep as a memory. 
I dug trough som old stuff to find a journal I could use, and then I stumbled across this wonderful pre- made travel journal i think is designed by Ali Edwards. I think it must have stayed in my cupboard for about 8 years waitng for the right time. It made me so happy to find it just on the right time. I have decorated the cover with some patterned paper by the Danish company the stuff I used inside is some travel-pieces by Panduro and some paper and stuff (probably) by Ali Edwards designed to fit the journal. 
Now we are ready to go to London, ready to journal and put in pictures. Can't wait. :-)

Thanks for stopping by. Love Gudrun. 

torsdag, mai 22, 2014

Summer here i come. :-)

I've had some plans on making a mini-album/journal for this summer, and today was the day to start. I got two cardboard envelopes used at my boyfriends office, and I wanted to use these as cover for my journal. 
I loved the idea of the rough cardboard, the recycle/reuse-idea and the look of the postage-address-stickers on the envelope. It all made me feeling creative and filled with joy. 
I painted the envelopes really rough with ghesso on both sides. Then I went trough my alpha-stuff and found some old, old goodies. I wanted lots of letters in different colors on my cover, and the word summer in yellow. (Old yellow, sparkeling alphas from doodlebug, the other alphas are unknown) 
Added the coolest tag ( got it from cocoa daisy, the may kit today) on the inside of the cover. My journal will be held together  with two jump rings, then it is easy to put in and rearrange the pages of the book. 
The size of my journal is 7,5 x 12 inch or 20 x 30,5 cm so it is pretty large this time, wich leaves me plenty of room to play.... :-)
The plan is to create some pre-made pages for the journal, so I can easily write and fill in photos along the summer holidays. If you want to join in or get inspired please follow my posts here on my blog and join me on Instagram #summerjournal2014 
See you ❤

tirsdag, mai 20, 2014

Nytt fra hagen

Hei mine venner. 
Litt nytt fra hagen idag. Været er herlig, og det er deilig å bruke litt tid ute. 
I går plantet jeg ut noen forkultiverte purre, noen blomkarse, som jeg håper vil slynge seg oppover og utover og ta lus og andre udyr bort fra urtene, grønnsakene og salaten Eirun sår idag. 
Jeg plantet også en lavendel, som kan få lov til å dufte deilig og trekke til seg bier, sommerfugler og humler. 

Jeg har hatt en potte med basilikum stående utenfor kjøkkendøra en stund nå, og tenkte å plante den ut i hagen nå. 
Basilikum er veldig lite hardfør, og jeg syns det er litt vanskelig å få til.... Så vi får se hvordan det går. 

Eirun har hjulpet meg å så ruccola salat i en gammel vaskebalje, og salat på det lille feltet i hagen vedsidenav purra. 
Rundt salaten og mellom jordbæra har vi sådd ringblomst. Foran jordbæra tenkte vi å sette ned litt hvitløk. Det holder sneglene borte ( håper vi...)
KrusPersillen kommer kjempefint, og sukkerertene har begynt å spire. Vi føler oss stolte og glade for å se at det gror. :-)
Foran huset blomstrer den rosa-blomstrende jordbærplanten sammen med sommerblomstene. 
Har stukket noen solsikkefrø i jorda mellom sukkerertene. Håper de kan lyse opp litt utover sensommeren når sukkerertene har gitt seg. 
Takk for at du stakk innom. Fortsatt god uke. Hilsen Gudrun. 

søndag, mai 04, 2014


Hi my friends. It has been a nice day in Oslo today, not too warm, so it was perfect for some gardening. On Wednesday my kids, my lovely boyfriend and I, all worked in the garden and had a major spring"clean". It was so good and it actually encouraged me to do some more gardening.... So today I started to dig and "clean" the tiny little "garden box" I made for the kids years ago, where we used to grow strawberries, a few potatoes, sugar snaps, some herbs and flowers. It's not big, so it is almost like growing carrots in a juice-box.... Never the less, I really enjoyed to get my hands dirty. 
In the evening, after the gardening I was so enlightend by all the great outdoor-time I wanted to create something for my art journal. This piece is pretty quick, but it felt so good to both dig in the garden and create!! Some of my favorites. ❤
So thanks for popping by and reading my blog. See you soon. 
Love Gudrun.