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tirsdag, mai 16, 2006

"book of dreams"

Her er min side til min Altered book.

Koser meg stadig med å prøve ut nye teknikker.

Her har jeg skåret et hull gjennom 15-20 sider, og plassert et gammelt bilde printet på transperent inni. Har videre vagt påenda en transperent med klokke-motiv.

Here is one of my pages for the book of dreams.

I still play around using different techniques. Tried to transfer the old picture from the transparency-film, but still didn't succseed. Anyway I was pretty satisfied with the result. I cut a hole trough 15-20 of the pages in the book. Painted the background paper, but some of the text still shows trough the transparency. Used another transparensy with watch-pattern to decorate.

11 kommentarer:

banglamarie sa...

Ser ut som du koser deg med nye teknikker!
Knallflott med transparent!

Lene S sa...

Wow Gudrun! Dette var rått! SEr kjempemorsomt ut!


crafty sa...

Wow.............compliments for your pages in this BOD :) :) :)
..........shame I didn't know about it before :( :( :(.
just love your journal pages
thanx for sharing
joan in italy

Aashild sa...

Du er en tusenkunstner, Gudrun :) Vakkert vakkert vakkert!

whitney sa...

Wow wow wow. This page is really cool. I love how you made it look so worn and old. Can't wait to see more of your pages.

Synnove Olava sa...

Det ble utrolig fint, Gudrun. Liker rommet du har skåret ut og plasssert bildet i.
Gleder meg veldig til å se fortsettelsen...


Sofia Barao sa...

Your pages are AMAZING :)

ArtsyMama sa...

I have trouble doing the transparency transfers too. This turned out absolutely WONDERFUL! wow!!!!

twistedsoda sa...

WooOOooHoOOooOo!!! This is spectacular!~ I love everything that you have done with these pages...sometimes a mistake or error makes all the beautiful difference...I tend to thrive on imperfections...this is gorgeous!

Norah's sa...

Your page spread is wonderful. I can't stop looking at it. I have a question. I haven't had much luck with transferring from the transparency so I'm working on using the transparency. How did you attach the transparency to your page? Thanks for sharing.

Lilli sa...

This is Beautiful!!!