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tirsdag, mai 15, 2007


Have been in a really nostalgic mood lately. Went trough some old albums when I stumbled into this old album from 1976.
Some of those albums haven't been lokked into since my father died in 1985. And I have to say it is good to look into, and remember all those happy days, filled with love, joy and so much loving and caring people.
It all started when Emilys prompt was : your parents. I had to make a tribute to this people that way back learned me what love is all about.
I didn't follow emilys prompt on the bedroom. I was so into my old memories, and had to make a card on what was on my mind...after all this is a deck about me. ;-)

Then for the prompt: someone elses contribute to the card; I couldn't resist using this drawing Eirun made of me when she was about three years old. I have this strict attitude, but with arms wide open...definately me... ;-)

Then for the surprise-prompt:
It is NO surprise for us norwegians we are having our national day this week; 17th of may.
For you that are not into norwegian culture;
We celebrate our national day in a very special way:
All the kids are gathered in processions in the streets. All schools have their own flag and all the kids from the schools are gathered, and in Oslo they walk up the main street to wawe and shout hurray to the king standing at his balcony at the palace. Some kids bands is playing music in front of the procession, everybody have norwegian flags and their best clotes on.
After the procession some people gather to play old kids games, like running with an egg on a spoon, jumping around in a sack, playing on the "wheel of fortune" and so on. This is a day when the family is gathered....we can eat as much icecream as we want to....
This is the #1 day for our kids.
So I found this old picture of me and my grandma from 1976. It made me so happy....and it was a bit of a surprise to find this little tresure...stuck behind some other picture in my old album. ;-)
Have a nice week!
til mine norske venner:
Ha en fin 17.mai, og husk å spise minst 7 is. ;-)

10 kommentarer:

Nicole sa...

your cards are fantastic. so are your pages, unreal scrapping

Lis sa...

Awesome cards, love all the little details :)

Lilli sa...

Thank you for telling us about your national holiday. It's great to hear how different cultures celebrate what is important to them.

I like your little cards! So full of meaning :)

Anette S sa...

7 is er ingen sak for meg! fnis! Vi feirer enda litt ekstra på torsdag, for sambo har bursdag. Da blir det minst 10 is, med andre ord. Jeg elsker den nye banneren din! Jeg er stooooor fan av art nouveau! God 17. mai til deg også!

Elin sa...

Kjempeflotte kort. Ha en fin 17.mai du også.

em falconbridge sa...

i love seeing your cards gudrun! they are so full of meaning and memories, i love that about you. so glad this has been able to get 'stuff out' that we maybe normally wouldn't. kids day sounds great too! after mothers day last weekend ivy asked me 'mumma, is there a kids day?' - i was sad to tell her no, not really! maybe we should move there!!!

Marit sa...

Så nydelig header du har fått deg nå. Jeg må se å få endret min egen også skjønner jeg :)

Flotte de små utfordringskortene du har laget.jeg prøvde å finne en favoritt, men det klarte jeg ikke.

Kikket på artikkelen din i ett trykk også og fant mye fint der :)

audi sa...

Så utrulig masse flott og inspirerende å finne her på bloggen din!Er nåke spesielt og eget med alt du lager med den flotte håndskriften og den spesielle personlige stilen du har!


Je@net sa...

Your cards are so great!! Love them all!!

Flapsi Hapsi sa...

What great cards! lOve the old photos, and the national day idea.