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fredag, februar 08, 2008


Create - This weeks word at the OLW-blog. Yes, I love to create, and I had a blast doing a LO with this word. I had loads of ideas on this topic....but ended up simple as this.....with my hands. And that's fair enough.... they do create something everyday, so it was on time they got their own LO. :)

Har Lagd denne LO'en til denne ukas ord på OLW-bloggen. "Create". Et flott ord..... jeg mener....det er jo det jeg stort sett driver med.....LOL

3 kommentarer:

Lene S sa...

Ooh lekker lekker. Så det var dette du holdt på med i natt LOL

Klem :o)

Lilli sa...

It's lovely, Gudrun :) Funny how a little clump of items in the corner of a page can be so exciting to the eye. It looks very 'creative' indeed!

Kristine sa...

Flott side Gudrun. Ja de hendene dine er virkelig kreative!