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fredag, oktober 24, 2008

France here we come! :)

yes, you are right! I'm going to france in about 2 hours :) :) Lene and I are off to Montpellier to join Céline on her entreARTistes event this weekend. And I know this is going to be SO, SO totally fun, and i'm really excited. I'll probably share some photos and some scrappy stuff when I'm home on tuesday. :)
Have a nice weekend everyone. :)

3 kommentarer:

Evy-Kristin sa...

Riktig god tur!! ...så får du "passe på" Lene - dytte innpå med paracet og sånn ;o)

caro sa...

was just wondering how you were getting on after all the struggles - so happy to see you're off to get some FUN!

Pallina e Sonia sa...

hi :)!! I just read the OLW blog about DT team.. congratulations! I am very happy for you!!! wooooOOOOw!!

by paLLina