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søndag, desember 21, 2008


Hi my friends. Want some tea and cookies? I love to bake christmas-cookies, and here is one of my favourites. Really simple, but oh so yummy. We call them Kolakaker in norwegian. you can call them caramel cookies - i think. :)

Recepie in Norwegian and english will follow. ( I'm sorry I just have the amount of ingredients in gram (european standard) not in cup and oz.

I got this yummy recepie from my wonderful mother in law, and I make them every year - this year I made them yesterday - and today they are allmost gone ..... must make more....LOL

Til de av dere som ikke kjenner meg, eller som syns det er dumt at jeg knoter ivei på engelsk på min norske blogg: Jeg gjør dette fordi jeg har mange utenlandske lesere og blogvenner. De har tidligere ytret ønske om at jeg skriver så de også forstår. ;)

150 g smør
100 g sukker
1ss sirup
1 ts vaniljesukker
1 ts bakepulver
1 ss kaffe
200 g hvetemel

* bland alt sammen
* la deigen avkjøle seg
* rull deiegn til lange pølser som trykkes litt flate på steikeplata
*Stekes på 150 grader i 12-15 minutter
* skjæres på skrå rett etter steiking.


Norwegian Kolakaker:
150 gram butter
100 gram sugar
1 tabelspoon syrup
1 teaspoon vanilla sugar
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 tablespoon black coffee
200 gram plain (wheat) flour

* mix all the ingredients
* let it cool for a little while
* make long, flat loafs on your baking paper /plate (they will flatten out and "melt" even more when baked in the oven.)
* bake at 150 degrees Celcius 12 - 15 minutes
* Cut fingerthin cookies After the loafs are ready baked - while still hot. they are soft when they are still warm - they'll get crispy when they cool of. )
* enjoy!!

So - this recepie is originally in norwegian. - I'm not sure my translation is the best - or even if it is understandable. PLEASE contact me if you have any questions. :)

8 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

I like cookies, but I'm not into cooking... in fact I'm a lazy and not a very good cook at all... (my guys are still alive though!) But I like scrapping and yes, crocheting, so thanks for the snowflake-"recepy" in the former post!!! Have a merry (white) christmas!

Vibeche Bergqvist Ellingsen sa...

Disse så bare utrolig deilige ut, denne oppskriften skal jeg nok prøve en gang.
Jeg rekker det nok ikke før jul dette året ;)

Sandy sa...

hey gudrun! those cookies sound YUMMY - perfect to dip into a big cup of coffee!! i mailed your poster about a week ago, very late, along with all my other late christmas parcels! he he. hopefully it won't take too long. (-; the nice bright yellow should brighten up you norwegian winter a bit! have a great christmas!!


Lilli in Vancouver sa...

Thanks for the recipe! It looks very interesting. I like the shape :)

Miaa sa...

En riktigt härlig jul vill jag önska dej!
MVH Miaa

Rhonna Farrer sa...

ooo, these look delicious, Gudrun!!!!
Thanks so much for sharing the recipe!

and...a very Merry Christmas to you & your family!

Anonym sa...

Takk for en interessant blogg

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