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onsdag, mars 11, 2009


It's time for a new word up over at the OLW-blog.
- REAL -
Gi show us a amazing little video (dove commercial) that really made ME think, and she has some REALly beautiful, heartfelt words on this topic too.
So please come over to the OLW-blog and join us on this REAL journey.
And you know what? This time we have been sponsored by the awesome Purple Onion. Had totally fun using their stamps on my project. :) Join in to get the chance win some Purple Onion goodies!!

My LO is all about love. Amazing isn't it, to love sombody 365 days a year, year after year after year... I have been married to this guy allmost half my life ...and even if my life is - like yours - filled with mostly everydays, little things - my little life - I still feel this REAL love. Love in little things, love in everyday-things - like when he makes me a cup of tea using my favourite cup, ... when he let me sleep a little bit longer (and he will be late at the office) just because he know I was up too late.... Just tiny little things - but so real, so important - it is not the big words, not the amazing, expensive trips abroad or luxus restaurant-dinners - no, it is just the REAL love that my little, everyday life brings. :)

8 kommentarer:

Aquarell sa...

Så nydelig den LOen var. Sarte fine farger...:D

Toto og Tutu sa...

Super flott LO, gode menn er gode å ha! Likte spesielt godt ideen med å stemple dagene på siden av arket! Må også takke for de flotte nye arkene dere har gitt ut! Gleder meg til å få tak i noen av dem....

T:o)ve sa...

Herlig side av vårt favorittpar *vinker*
Håper vi snart kan treffes igjen min venn :)
PS! Digger de nye arkene, og gleder meg til de er klare!

~Sasha Farina~ sa...

how true... that is real love. aren't we blessed? *hugs*

gleestormont sa...

Real love, like my gorgeous husband doing the dishes every night even after he has worked hard doing construction all day. so lucky to have real love.

or how you look at each other and just start laughing cause you really do know what each other is thinking!!!

gleestormont sa...

G- how about a quick language lesson:
how do you say "love" "husband" "child" ?


Sharmaine sa...

Stunning page!

disa sa...