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mandag, juni 08, 2009

little artist

I have this little artist around my house - I love to see how she really enjoy making stuff. And all things she make are so neat - so beautiful. I'm sure she'll be a real artist one day. :)
Made this lil LO on a Crop a couple of weeks ago. We all got the same kit and was challenged to use all bits and pieces in the entire kit. Well, I had NO problem using all the beautiful stuff Trine had put together for us. And here is the result. :)

OK, that was all for now.
Have a wonderful day, my friends.

3 kommentarer:

Julie Tucker-Wolek sa...

This is STUNNING!!!!!! I loveeeeeeee those photos and the layers...and loving that little heart!!! My Adam is the artist in our family...U should see how many times I ask him to draw me something because his doodles are MUCH better than Mama's!!! LOL :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Aquarell sa...

Så flott denne var, da.:D
Likte lag-på-lag effekten.:)

Anonym sa...

Og den LO´en var bare såå lekker! Takk for sist, håper vi kan treffes og scrappe sammen en annen gang også :)