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mandag, mars 29, 2010

more easter inspiration

Hi my friends!
Easter holiday have started here in Norway, wich means alot of people are on vacation, having some days off, celebrating, relaxing, being with friends and family.
Norwegian easter tradition is - amongst many things:
Mountains, outoor-activites, skiing, snow, sun, oranges, chocolate, egg, chicken...cross-words....good stories...

So I wanted to share a little easter inspiration today.
:) I LOVE to work with wool - felting and making cute chickens and hens are one of the favourites during easter.
My kids LOVE this activities too!!
The blue hen welcoming you was made this afternoon by my 14 YO son!
He was the first one to rush to the table and start felting when I started to pull out all the wool :)
All my kids, and a couple of their friends had a wonderful time around the table, making woolen stuff.
I created a little door-hanging for our front door.

For this project you'll need:
Colored wool ( I have used Nepal wool) in colors of your choice
felting needle and a foam mat to have under your project
foam-egg (I used 16 eggs) depending of the size you want yuor doorhanging to be.
Metal wire
Pre-made welcome-sign
(my welcome sign was bought at Kremmerhuset)
Tear off a piece of wool and wrap around your foam-egg.
Felt the wool into the foam-egg using your felting needle.
Push the needle into the foam-egg over and over again, all over the egg, to make the wool "stick" to the foam (usually the needles come with a great tutorial on how to use it)

You can make cute patterns on your eggs by simply adding other colors of wool and attach it by "stitching" it on top of your felted egg with your felting needle.

Cut a piece of metal-wire. This will make the fondation of your doorhanging.
Add one egg at a time to the metal wire.
I just pushed the wire all the way trough the foam-egg.

It will soon look like this:

Add as many egg as you desire for your doorhanging.
Put the remaining pieces of metal wire into the "next door" foamegg, and secure with some hot glue.
Add a ribbon and the welcome-sign.

Have a wonderful week!
And thanks for popping by!!!

9 kommentarer:

pattyo sa...

The wreath is so cute and the little hen is adorable!

Julie Tucker-Wolek sa...

ohhhhhhhhhhh this is beautiful gudrun!!! i loveeeeeeeeee what u create!!! always amazing! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

hanne sa...

Nedover blogglisten min fanget den skjønne høna oppmerksomheten min! Nydelige arbeider! Jeg har aldri nålefiltet ull, men det ser veldig morro ut - og resultatet ble flott! Ha en fin påske!

Fiorella sa...

Boty the hen and the wreath are so cute!!! thanks for sharing.
Happy Easter!

Denise sa...

oh-this is so sweet! I was just in a wool/yarn store and saw some felted eggs. You make it seem so easy!

Monique sa...

Wow, you're clever!! Love this!!! Going to read a bit more on your blog!!

gleestormont sa...

love this, esp your 14YO son's chicken. he rocks!!!

DymphieM sa...

what a lovely wreath, thanks for telling how you made it!

wendela sa...

this is stunning Gudrun! I love felt, and needle felting!!