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tirsdag, april 06, 2010


Hi my friends.

Hope you all have had a wonderful Easter.

Yesterday was all about the mSB-blog Hop here on my blog. Thanks for all you kind comments :)

No inspiration Monday yesterday - so I decided I wanted to share ALOT of LOs with you today instead.
I have been busy creating this easter break. It is SO good to have the time to just sit down and create, create, create. love it!!
A few of the LOs here was made at the large crop in Ski in march too. I just needed to give them a little finishing toutch :)

This LO is about SOL. She lost two of her teeth at school. The teacher put her teeth in a little box. Somewhat she lost the box on her way home.... and when she came home she was SO worried the tooth-fairy woudn't come......

She decided to write the tooth-fairy a note to tell her what happend to her teeth...and so she did....but the little piece of paper was too small so she didn't have room to write it all.........

She put the little note on a glass of water and sat the glass by the window, wating for the toothfairy to arrive.

Well, the tootfairy must have undestood the problem - she came and Sol found two coins in the glass of water - and it was all good :)

As you see I enjoy spring. I LOVE when the days are getting lighter and the sun stay up longer.
To find the little sprouts and early spring flowers in my garden makes me totally happy.
These LOs are mostly made during easter - and are all about spring - being together - having a good time. Family - love.
Most of the paper I have used on these LOs are my all time favorite manufacturers:
3ndypapir "secret garden",
I'm really in love with crochet embellishments lately - I think I can use it on everything! :) :)
I have some "friends" on etsy that make the cutest crochet-embellishments :)
have a great week, and thanks for popping by!!

7 kommentarer:

Heidi sa...

Åhhhhhhhhh så herlige bilder og layouter Gudrun. Digger slike historier sånn som den om tannfeen...
Sitter også¨og koser meg med arkene dine....vel, mest så jeg titter og beundrer de. "Sliter" like mye med å klippe i de i år som tidligere jeg...*fnis*...må nok ned til Hilde på Happyhobby og hamstre noen flere slik at jeg kan slippe meg løs.
Ha en flotters uke!!!

Julie Tucker-Wolek sa...

Wowwwwwwwwwwwwww! These are all gorgeous gudrun!!! U are sooooooooo inspiring! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Lynn sa...

oooooooooo love the projects. they are very cool and rock!!! hopefully the toothfairy "found" the teeth lol!

alexandra s.m. sa...

Wow! Gudrun!!! So many beauties!! Thank you! Love your use of crochet embellies it adds the perfect "cosy" feel to your pages!!

Marlene sa...

Wow - you have been busy!! Great layouts! Love them all!

ellen s. sa...

gorgeous! gorgeous! gorgeous!

Monique sa...

Wow, you've been a busy bee!!! Yeah for Easter breaks!! (we only have 1 day extra off :( so not much scrapping for me). Love the crocheted butterflies! We have a toothfairy too, but this fairy totally forgot the tooth and my youngest slept on his tooth for about a week before asking me whether the toothfairy was too busy to visit him.... LOL!