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onsdag, oktober 06, 2010

A rainy day in Oslo

It has been a rainy, grey day in Oslo today.
But wrapped in the colors of fall it is still beautiful.
The grey weather and the rain seems to give even more intensity to the red, orange and yellow leaves.
As the three smaller kids are away Edvin and I enjoyed a day on our own in the city of Oslo. Buying him a new winter jacket, wich he needed. Had a coffee at the jazz café.
Edvin covinced me he really needed a Louis Armstrong CD, recorded in 1954 as well.
( Strange - a 14 yo love music from the fifties...)
Kind of was thrilled my big boy loves jazz so much.
His trumpet ( and the piano ) never stays still...
Had fun playing with the camera. I really got a lot of inspiration after attending Karen Russells class in Greece. I have wanted to take tons of photos, capturing little things... textures, ever since I came home. Thank you Karen, you gave me SO much inspiration trough your class.On these pictures I have played with some Texture / overlays by Ninian Lif as well .

I had another surprise waiting at my doorstep the other day.
It was a great honor to be featured in this french magazine, Histoires de pages, along with Linn and Renee.
* sorry about the bad link, it is now fixed *

13 kommentarer:

Knerten sa...

Nydelig bilder du har tatt her, Gudrun ! Syns ikke det er rart i det hele tatt at Edvin er glad i gammel jazzmusikk, den varer jo evig !!

Cindy Welch sa...

It was so nice to meet you in Greece. Loved your paper and inspiration and can't wait to see what catherine does with the paper. Your photos were great. Loved them.

Julie Tucker-Wolek sa...

ABSOLUTELY gorgeous photos my dear friend!! And HUGE CONGRATS on the pub! WOW! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

hanne sa...

Så vakre bilder, Gudrun! Stemningsfulle. Han likner nok deg på flere måter den flotte gutten din, Gudrun!
Gratulerer med publikasjonen - morro!
Ha en fin dag.

T:o)ve sa...

Åååå så skjønne bilder! Og Edvins musikksmak er helt som forventet med tanke på mamma'n og pappa'n ;)
Nå skal jeg nyte et par høstferiedager med ungene, og etter inspirasjonen her tror jeg nesten jeg må ta med kameraet ut på tur igjen :)


Anonym sa...

Nydelige og stemningsfulle høstbilder! Så stor eldstemann er blitt og kul musikksmak!
Gratulerer med publisistet i det franske magasinet! Så fortjent!

Fortsatt god høstferie til dere! ☺

Catherine sa...

Love the photos!!! Your photos are amazing and the use of textures only adds to the already beautiful photos. I love Louis Armstrong as well. My favorite song is an old Edith Piaf song, La Vie En Rose...sigh.
Another magazine, wow you rock superstar!!

Anonym sa...

Great photos.....

Denise sa...

what beautiful photos Gudrun. Your young man is handsome and has wonderful music taste!
congrats on the recognition in the magazine!

"Soleil@mayotte" sa...

All your photos are gorgeous !
And I see you in my magazine !!! it's so GREAT !!!

Elisabeth sa...

nydelige bilder, og grattis med publisering i fransk magasin og greie....DET er jo superstort!!!

Bettina sa...

Beautiful pictures Gudrun! It's fun to capture the little details and textures. Love from TO

alexandra s.m. sa...

Your pictures are exquisite!
I'm so envious!!

CONGRATS on your publication!
Hopefully I'll get a copy when I go to France at the end of the month ;-)