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torsdag, november 18, 2010

I have made some decisions :)

Hi My friends.
I mentioned a few weeks ago I wanted to have a class with lots of christmas inspiration starting this month before christmas.
I have been working really hard on this.
I have made printables, created patterns for giftboxes and giftbags, made different kind of stuff, gifts, cards....

Then I redecided.
I didn't want to have a class.
It will be all stressful and I will put too much pressure on my self (being my own hardest judge). And All I want is this beeing inspirational and fun.
And the best way making this all just fun and good is doing what I have done the last couple of years:
Make my christmas"class" free for you all here on my blog.
Last year I called my free christmas inspirational posts here on my blog "home for Christmas".
It will be like a free month long class, filled with lots of christmas-inspiration, gift-ideas and love for Christmas.
This will ( hopefully ) be a good gift for you my wonderful, lovely blogfriends.

Hope to see you 'round, as I'll start nov 24th.
Posting Christmas stuff at least twice a week.
I'll make a special badge for these posts, so you won't miss them. ;)

If you want to buy some of the papers I've used for my projects, you can buy the special Christmas bundle I've put together on Etsy.
This is all 3ndypapir, 3 of each paper from "hilsen gudrun" collection, and 2 of teach of the tree papers from "favorites". (this is for internatonal girls only!)
You Norwegian Gils can buy your 3ndypapir papers in your local LSS or at my Epla shop. :)

16 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

wow your're so kind. thank you for sharing your work on your blog. i love your projects.

Felicitas from Germany

Hege-Annie Simonsen sa...

Så spennende! Lykke til!

Æ kjæm nok tel å gløtte innom no og da - tusen takk for all inspirasjon du strør om dæ med! Klæm, Hege :)

Ellen sa...

Wow Gudrun, DET høres hyggelig og gøy ut og ikke minst SNILT! Jeg hiver meg på. Er ikke så god på jul så jeg har flere av dine tidligere ark liggende...klare for bruk!

Inge sa...

Isn't that good news!

Wenche sa...

Ååå så spennende Gudrun!!! Jeg skal følge godt med fremover :)
Go'klemmer fra Wenche :0)

Angélique sa...

I will be there !!!!

HegeAL sa...

Så veldig snilt av deg, Gudrun! Sjelden jeg har mulighet til å være med på kurs i og med at jeg bor på feil kant av landet. Så jeg er happy jeg :-)) Ha en super torsdagskveld!

Aquarell sa...

Så koselig! Dette må jeg prøve å få med meg. :)

Eni sa...

That's amazing, Gudrun - how generous! I love your designs and i surely will try to attend your free classes here ;-)


Patty O'Malley sa...

I'm so excited you will be doing the month long Christmas ideas again this year. I enjoyed it so much last year!

Julie Tucker-Wolek sa...

Ohhhhhhhhhh this makes me sooooooooo happy!! You KNOW how inspiring you are to me!!! I have been creating cards like crazy using your Christmas papers!!! You know I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee me some! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Annika sa...

Jag bara älskar all inspiration här hos dig, så jag ser fram emot all julpyssel/inspiration. Tackar så mycket!!!

mettepip sa...

Så flott at du allerede er i "julenissehumør" og vil dele din fantastiske kreativitet med oss Gudrun! Gleder meg til dette!
klem fra

Anonym sa...

I´ll be looking at your classes..I´m from Brazil, and I loved your blog, from now on I´ll follow you too...Bye bye!!!
Jamila from brazil

Anonym sa...

I´ll be looking at your classes..I´m from Brazil, and I loved your blog, from now on I´ll follow you too...Bye bye!!!
Jamila from brazil

Stefi sa...

Hi Gudrun, I've just discovered your blog, it's gorgeous!
Reading your posts I've read about your decision about Christmas classes, I know how much work is behind them and i'd like to thank you in advance for your precious gift. I'll be certainly here around often.. and not just for Christmas.
Hugs from Italy