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fredag, juli 22, 2011


Terrified and sad are the words of today:
what I have to share with you today, my friends are these pictures from the bomb blast in Oslo and the attac at Utøya.
This is so terrifying and it makes me so very, very sad.  :(
I don't have words for what I feel about this.
I'm so sorry for all the people that have lost their dear ones in this bomb attac and the terrible happenings at Utøya.
Things like this should never ever happen!!
All we can do is listening to the radio and hear what is going on, and pray for all the people that are offer for these actions.

 You can read more about it on CNN, BBC or NRK
I had planned on sharing some cute cards with the brand new PDS stamps, but all we manage to do is listening to the radio and hear what is going on.
We can't believe this is actually happening in our nice, peaceful city and our beloved country.

13 kommentarer:

Deana sa...

Big hugs, Gudrun. Such a horrible tragedy...

Eni sa...

Oh Gudrun,
I feel so sorry for all the harm your country & you have to suffer from today - it's absolutely pure Horror to me!
I'll never understand how people can do this assaults to kill others.

i'll keep you, your family & your country in my prayers!

Marie/Mison sa...

Svårt för mig att förså också Gudrun. Det är så nära, även till oss här uppe i Norra Sverige. Drar en suck av lättnad att du och dina kära i alla fall är ok! Skickar alla kramar jag kan!!

angélique sa...

Nous pensons très fort à vous , en ces difficiles moments.

margie c sa...

I am so very sorry for this, many prayers being said... stay safe friend!

Miaa sa...

Det är fruktansvärt! Tänker på alla det drabbar, även vi i svergie blir rädda, förvånade och lessna! Vet inte hur jag ska utrycka mina känslor för det här!

Skickar massor av styrka och positiva energier och har Norge i tankarna!!

"Soleil@mayotte" sa...

I heard these news, it's so terrifying !!! All my thoughts and prayers go towards you and your fellow countrymen. We knew these same moments of terrors in the parisian subway, a few years ago, I know the state of shock in which we are in such moments.
Take care my friend !

Cat sa...

Sending thoughts and prayers to your country. I am so sad that there is so much evil in the world.

Scrappychick sa...

My heart hurst for the families of those who died and for everyone in your town. I am so sorry to hear of this tragic bombing.

Mary J sa...

Gudrun, all of my thoughts are with you and the people in Norway today.

Mary x

Ruth sa...

I really want to do something yet I feel so helpless xxx There was an auction on facebook for the NZ earthquake victims organised by crafters.....If in the future you find out about anything please let me know I will be happy to contribute. xxx Thoughts and prayers with you and your country xxx

MiamiKel sa...

Gundrun, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family ... community. THis is a terrible tragedy, one that will have such lasting effects for so many - truly prayers are in need in this moment! Big hugs to you! x0x0

Anonym sa...

Gudrun, I am keeping your family in my prayers!!!