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lørdag, februar 22, 2014

Just a note

I found this little blue note on my kitchen table after my darling boyfriend went to work early one morning. Love his little everyday " i love you-notes" and messages. It makes me so happy. I stuck this note into one white page in my art journal, just to keep it. Then today I was just in the mood to create, and this little note was right there in my book ... So why not use it. Great way to save it and remember it forever. :-) 
Just wanted to share some little everyday love. ❤
Have a great weekend 

3 kommentarer:

GryA sa...

Det var kjæresten sin det! Det ble en flott side og et godt minne!

Aquarell sa...

Så koselig liten beskjed... :)
Og flott side.

Siv Anne sa...

Å så nydelig med slike hærlige lapper. Flott AJ side