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mandag, november 03, 2008

Classes and so on... :)

Layout for a class I'll teach at Minnehjørnet. Inspiered by Corinne Delis. :)

OK, my non-norwegian-speaking friends: Sorry for previous post in Norwegian only ...
This is a layout for the class I'll teach at Minnehjørnet, Ski, friday 7.11. I'll also teach in Tønsberg (Gode minner) this upcoming saturday (a vintage minialbum).
I LOVE to teach, i love to share, and I LOVE to play with all the other girls (and boys) that comes to my classes. :) I allways get all this inspiering vibes after having a class....just want to run home and create, create, create....LOL

2 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

beautiful LO!!! i love teaching and sharing my love for this hobby!!! have fun!!

Anonym sa...

Girl You have done it again.
You know I love this right?

And I also love teaching...
would love to be one of your students!