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onsdag, november 19, 2008

OLW Word up #40

This weeks word up at the One Little Word-blog is ENERGY. Love this word! Energy can be so much - creative energy - energy flowing between people - energy to do whatever you have to or want to do. For me kids energy is one of the most amazing things. They can do things I as agrown up never could do - they can keep on going whit their activity for ever and ever - and never seem to get a lack of energy. Love it! I made this little minialbum as an ode to my kids, to their energy and to the energy I find in autumn. Autumn is a beautiful time of year here in Norway. The colors are amazing, weather changes, the air gets cool - we can even have snow in the middle of october (or earlier). The direction of the summer-energy turn into something totally different - something new, fresh and energizing (for me).
Actually I was so inspiered by this word - energy - and by revlies enthusiasm and energy - and all the amazing work by all the other girls over at the OLW-blog ... I had to make one more LO for this word ....
It's all about my little Sol. She is SO full of enegy. In norwegian we call it "energibombe" a energy bomb ( I guess you have another word for it in english...). She can be everywhere, do enerything - she can klimb the highest mountain and cross the deepest seas. Nothing can stop her when she want to do something. I really admire her unbelieveable enery. So the entire week before halloween my girls had their own little "before-party". They had SO many plans, they tried all the costumes and they had SO much fun painting eachother with the face-paint set. (the bathroom was painted too) . And here she is: my little energy bomb :

SO PLEASE dig up your energy and come over to the OLW-blog and play along!!

6 kommentarer:

Lilli sa...

Beautiful pages, Gudrun! You're right, that children have so much energy. Don't you wish that you could ask them for some?

I hope you are having a nice November

rev sa...

ahhh gorgeousness!! wow! love it Gudrun!!

and love it that you love my word. tee hee.


Rønnaug S. sa...

For noen vannvittige kreative og energiske LO'er du har laga. Det lyser energi av dem. Kanskje det er smittsomt? Kunne trenge noe sånnt for tida ;)

ruffa sa...

Så utrolig lekker en liten bok.
Her tar jeg med meg noen ideer jeg - holder på med noen julepresanger.

Utrolig mye flott du deler - tuuusen takk

Anonym sa...

o that LO is so fabulous!!! love it!! and your!! love your mini's!! enjoy the rest of your week!!

Shameka sa...

Luv ur little energibombe! That's a great pic. I can see that it was an awesome time!