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mandag, januar 25, 2010

inspiration Monday #4 - so many photos, so little time -

Hi my friends.
A late inspiration monday for you today....

I have been looking trough some of my pictures from 2009 - and yes, there are some....
I don't know how many thousands....
I also dug into my LOs from 2009 - and I found I made about 400 LOs and minialbums in 2009.
...and STILL there are photos (a lot of photos) not scrapped, and happenings not documented....

well, to be honest, the reason why I scrapbook is not so much for documenting the life of my kids and's more about my creative process....
Anyhow, I like to document, and gather memories too.... I love to look at the LOs from years back and remember - get into the memories - smile at things long forgotten.

So after digging in to all my photos I realized it is just TOO many photos ..... and too little time to scrap them all....

I have discovered envelopes are on their way in to scrapbooking again - this makes me happy :)
I love envelopes. They are so useful, so versatile and add a new, hidden dimension to the scrapbooking LO :)

On this LO I have made an envelope of one of my favorite patterned papers, and today I want to share my envelope-idea with you.
Maybe you have too many photos too??

Here is my LO - pictures from summer 2009.
I love to make photo-collages, and I often use flickr-toys, mosaic-maker at Big Huge Labs. Works perfect if you want to make a mosaic like the one I have on this LO :)

Here is the sketch I made for the envelope.
The envelope is made out of a 12x12 inch patterned paper, so I just used my sketch as a guide when I folded the envelope.

For this project I used:
1 white bazzill cardstock
1 smaller piece of cardstock
Studio Calico, Home Front collection
glimmermist: (turqouse) my tattered angels
2 buttons
embroidery floss
butterfly punch
(rubons: Hambly and Autumn Leaves (stitches))

So, let's get started :)

Fold 3 inch in on both sides, 2 inch in on the top and 1 inch in on the bottom of the 12x12-paper you want to use for your envelope.
Use the sketch as a guide.
You can make the envelope in what size you prefer.

Cut away the corners of the 12x12 paper (see sketch)
The envelope is ready to be glued.
I prefer to use doublesided tape.
I glue the middle part and the bottom, leaving the top open. I want to put more photos and memorabilia inside my envelope :)

To close the top of my envelope I sew on two buttons. One button on the lid, and one on the envelope-front. I use a little piece of embroidery floss and tie a little bow between the two buttons. :)

The envelope is now ready.

As you know I used mine on my LO. You can use it in a minialbum, as a envelope (surprise! LOL), as a LO on it's own, or how ever you prefer.

I'll show you how I made the rest of my simpleLO :)
To add some color to my white cardstock, I added my favorite, turquoise glimmermist.
Let the cardstock dry.

Now I added my envelope, the pictures I preferred to use on my LO, some butterflies as embellishment and my title.
I put the "leftover" photos on a large tag, with room for more photos or journaling on the back.
This tag fit perfectly inside the envelope.
I have more photos in all sizes and other memorabilia I'll tuck in my envelope too. :)
1 LO with all the photos and memories from our summer at the south coast of norway 2009 :)

Hope you enjoyed this little inspiration Monday.

Thanks for popping by!! :)

15 kommentarer:

"Soleil@mayotte" sa...

WOUAH ! I really love your LO. So simple and smart !
Hug from Paris

T:o)ve sa...

Herlig Gudrun!
Du inspirerer som alltid :o)
Håper vi kan få til en helg sammen snart, vi savner dere alle sammen!

Toto og Tutu sa...

Så utrolig smart!!! Det blir jo vanvittig masse bilder etterhvert ja. Og selv om jeg anser meg til å være en rimelig oppegående dame, har jeg aldri kommet på tanken av å putte bilder eller collage av bilder oppi poser eller konvolutter som du har gjort!!! SÅ TUSEN TAKK for enda en glimrende ide! :)

Anonym sa...

It's a great idea. Congrats.

Heidi sa...

Herlig Gudrun!!!!

Monica sa...

Så stilig!!!

Takk for konvolutt-tipset!!

Natasja sa...

Love it girl!!!

Julia sa...

Dette var utrolig smart!!
Jeg har også allt for mange bilder og litt for lite tid (prioritet, ja jeg vet..) til å scrappe de.

Fikk masse inspirasjon nå, så kanskje imorgen..? Ikveld blir det fysisk trening, trengs det også!
Ha ei flott uke!

Mariannes Kort og Stempling sa...

Tusen takk for at du deler gode tips Gudrun ;-)

alexandra s.m. sa...

This is great!!! I love to create with envelopes! So many possibilities and a lot of "instant visual interest" added!

Thanks for sharing, you always have brillant ideas!

Pink Heather sa...

Thanx for the envelope pattern. I love the patterned paper you used to make yours. Very fun layout!

Skravleberta sa...

lekkert lekkert lekkert

Gladie sa...

Så super ide - og så mye lekrere enn å prøve å få alle bildene med på selve LOen, det blir jo så smått - dette var bare helt perfekt! Takk for inspirasjon! :D

Anonym sa...

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Anonym sa...

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