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søndag, mai 04, 2014


Hi my friends. It has been a nice day in Oslo today, not too warm, so it was perfect for some gardening. On Wednesday my kids, my lovely boyfriend and I, all worked in the garden and had a major spring"clean". It was so good and it actually encouraged me to do some more gardening.... So today I started to dig and "clean" the tiny little "garden box" I made for the kids years ago, where we used to grow strawberries, a few potatoes, sugar snaps, some herbs and flowers. It's not big, so it is almost like growing carrots in a juice-box.... Never the less, I really enjoyed to get my hands dirty. 
In the evening, after the gardening I was so enlightend by all the great outdoor-time I wanted to create something for my art journal. This piece is pretty quick, but it felt so good to both dig in the garden and create!! Some of my favorites. ❤
So thanks for popping by and reading my blog. See you soon. 
Love Gudrun. 

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