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torsdag, mai 22, 2014

Summer here i come. :-)

I've had some plans on making a mini-album/journal for this summer, and today was the day to start. I got two cardboard envelopes used at my boyfriends office, and I wanted to use these as cover for my journal. 
I loved the idea of the rough cardboard, the recycle/reuse-idea and the look of the postage-address-stickers on the envelope. It all made me feeling creative and filled with joy. 
I painted the envelopes really rough with ghesso on both sides. Then I went trough my alpha-stuff and found some old, old goodies. I wanted lots of letters in different colors on my cover, and the word summer in yellow. (Old yellow, sparkeling alphas from doodlebug, the other alphas are unknown) 
Added the coolest tag ( got it from cocoa daisy, the may kit today) on the inside of the cover. My journal will be held together  with two jump rings, then it is easy to put in and rearrange the pages of the book. 
The size of my journal is 7,5 x 12 inch or 20 x 30,5 cm so it is pretty large this time, wich leaves me plenty of room to play.... :-)
The plan is to create some pre-made pages for the journal, so I can easily write and fill in photos along the summer holidays. If you want to join in or get inspired please follow my posts here on my blog and join me on Instagram #summerjournal2014 
See you ❤

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Aquarell sa...

Dette så veldig flott og spennende ut... :-)
Skal følge med videre her.