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onsdag, mars 21, 2007


I'm so delighted to be a part of artsymamas great cyber-tea-party.
I have been thinking alot about this strange party...meeting people that lives in a totally different part of the world, having another time-zone (I have by the way afternoon now).
It is totally fun. And I thought maybe I have to tell you a little bit about my country; Norway, because I guess most of you have never been here, or maybe even heard about this strange, little country in the very northern Europe.

At the European map you can see my location. I live in Oslo, wich is the capital. We are less than 1 million people in this town, but it is still the largest town. In the entire country it lives aprx. 5 million people.
Norway might be known as the country with high mountains and long fjords. We have a beautyful nature and people here appreciate being outside while the weather let us.
We are honest and kind people, and I have heard it might be hard to really get to know a norwegian, BUT if you DO, you'll have a friend forever. ;)

We have pretty cold winters in most parts of the country, but today, the sun is shining, and the spring has com! :)
Yeah! I love that!! :-) And because the sun is shining and everything is good we'll have the party outside in my garden, so keep your coat on. ;)

So I have prepared for tea. Found my teapots: The blue One is made by a norwegian artist: Terje, and I have been using that for my everyday teapot several years.

The little blue&white one is one I bought at the Acores islands in 1990. Love this little beauty.

I have several types of tea, I use to store them in my big cookie jar. ;)
I also have smaller containers, the wooden one is way back from my childhood (reminds me of my mom) the yellow one is from China) And a a true tea-lover I have real Gunpowder-tea as well. ;)
My fave right now is chai tea with milk. Love the spicy taste. ;)
In the summer I love to have African peppermint tea. I also love all different types of black and green tea.

And because this is a very special occation I have climbed to the top of my cupboard to find my beloved chinese treasure. This little cup with a lid. I bought it on my trip to China in 2000. Loads of memories here.

The cup is today filled with a special Chinese tea, with flowers and fruits and tealeeves, and I just poor hot water over it, and leave the flowers in the cup. The tea is sweet, tasty, and oh so beautyful. :)

While we drink the tea I think I'll treat you with something to eat.
In Norway we use to eat bread for breakfast, lunch and the evening-meal.
The bread is brown, and we eat it with different kind of spread, like; sausage, ham, cheese, jam, egg, tomatoes or whatever we prefer at the moment.
This time I think I even should treat you with some homemade icecream.
As I am a chef, I love to make food.
All the pictures of food shown here are from my favourite book by a swedish chef: Monica Ahlberg.

So help yourself, and have a good time. :)
THANK YOU for stopping by my place. ;)

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Sugar Bear sa...

Thank you for the wonderful posting about your country. Norway sounds like a beautiful place. Your tea pots are lovely and your cup of tea is so pretty - I can smell the wonderful scents! -Karla

mariebruxelles sa...

Hi Gudrun!
I love your blue teapot and irises!
Greetings from Brussels,

lauren sa...

Good morning from the U.S.A. Thanks for all the interesting information about your country. It's so fun to travel around the world having tea! Enjoy your first spring day.


Cecilia sa...

Hi Gudrun!
What a great idea it was to write something about your country! I wish I came up with that idea myself..:)

Vilka fina mugar du dricker ditt te ur!! Hit kommer jag fler gånger!
happy spring!

Merci-Notes sa...

Hello from Aurora, Illinois, USA!
You have flowers up berfore us!! I never would have thought so! It is a constant patter on my rain spouts here today. Agood day for a tea party! I like the wood box that reminds you of your mom. I think that the best ingredient of a tea party would be memories...old and brand new!
Thank You for inviting me in>
With Kindness,

FrenchGardenHouse sa...

Hi Gudrun! Thank you so much for sharing not only a bit about your country, but also all your beautiful tea things.

I love knowing what pot you use for your daily tea.:)

I live in California, but am originally from Holland. I drink tea every day, too.

Please visit me today, and I will have a tea break with you.


Bonnie sa...

Oh so lovely Gudrun. Thank you for stopping by me! I love your mug with the pink roses and all your different types of tea-and thank you for sharing a little about your country and also the many types of tea and also the bread-all so interesting! I love learning new things! I would love some of that ice-cream you make!

karla nathan sa...

Happy first day of Spring! Or, is is the same there as it is in the US? It is a blustery day in Kansas, but the sun is out and it will be in the 70's. I am enjoying being a part of the world wide teaparties and seeing such a variation of styles and homes. Thanks for inviting me, hope you can visit me too.

Dawn sa...

I am soooo glad I stopped by for tea today! You have an exquisite post! Thank you for the geography know us Americans, we know so little about the "outside" world *grin* The cup of China tea was just beautiful, so lovely to look at. I hope you will stop by and enjoy a little piece of Victorian America with me later.

Shabby in the City sa...

OH yum! I had a good time here!

Sharon sa...

Oh Gudrun, I so enjoyed the visit and the chat. The tea was lovely, I especially enjoyed the chia with milk as that is my fav at the moment too.

T:o)ve sa...

Thanks so much for the delichious chai tea and all the yummy snacs Gudrun ;o)
Here in the middle of Norway it's not far from springtime, but still some snow left....

Enjoy the rest of your cup of tea :o)

patty van dorin sa...

Your tea looks yummy and those treats are so tempting.
I have been to Oslo but I was a bit to little to remember much about it, other than I remember eating a sandwich for breakfast and I though it was so unique. I hope to be able to visit again as an adult so I can appreciate it.

see you there! sa...

I enjoyed the little bit of a geography lesson along with my cup of tea.

Your blue teapot and blue and white cup and saucer caught my eye. I collect blue and white china, in fact my kitchen is all blue and white.


Dawn sa...

It is so lovely to meet you and learn more about your country and traditions.
The blue teapot is sooooo gorgeous!

Rita sa...

Åh, så mange stemningsfulle og herlige bilder, Gudrun. Det ser bare så koselig og ikke minst fristende ut. Håper du har nytt både te, tilbehør og alt besøket :)

Katarina sa...

Hei! Er her for første gang. Må bare si at du har en utrolig flott blogg!
Ha en fin torsdag.

Monica sa...

hanks for sharing a little bit of Norway. I love your tea cup.
Happy Spring!!

Monica sa...

Ups! I meant 'Thanks" no hanks. :)

Natasha Burns sa...

It's all so mouth-watering! And those roses in the first photo are so stunning!!!

Allison sa...

Thank you for sharing your tea lovliness and the information about Norway. I am Norwegian by heritage. We still have family there, but I have never been. I hope to make it some day. I live in Minnesota in the U.S. Thank you for coming and visiting me today at my tea party. I really appreciate it. Your teas and the wonderful food look so amazing - the bread, the ice cream. Yum, yum. Thank you.

allie from minneapolis

Laume sa...

I haven't been to Norway but I certainly know about your country full of fjords. A lot of Norwegians live in Minnesota and Wisconsin, states I lived in as a child. Now I'm out in California and we're a state full of people from everywhere.
Your Chinese tea looks so incredibly beautiful and the food photos just make me hungry! I wish I could reach right through the monitor for some of that crusty bread.

Lene S sa...

Oj, her var det nok av fristelser! Så koselig teparty du har dekket til :o) Du skal ikke se bort i fra at Norge får noen nye tursister etter den fine Norges reklamen! ;o)

Sendte deg et par mail i førsten av uka. Har du fått de? Kjersti nevnte at hun har hatt litt problemer med å sende og motta... en fra meg kom en dag for sent osv.

Ha en strålende vårdag!


Marjolein sa...

This is so neat, love to read your story about your country! I used to live in the Netherlands, so not that far from Norway, but I've never been there. And now..... I live in Canada, and yes, we have cold winters too:-)
Love the pictures of your teapot, beautiful...and the food...makes me feel hungry!!

Lilli sa...

What a beautiful, generous post, Gudrun :) I like the teapots, the flower tea, and the ice cream!