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torsdag, august 04, 2011

just be

 Hi my friends, and again thank you so much for all your sweet comments, your thaughts and prayers. I really, really appreciate it, and it means a lot to me.

Things are slowly getting back to normal.

We still cry, are terrified, sad and angry.
It has been some heavy days here in Oslo, and our little country , Norway, after the terrible happenings in Oslo and Utøya.

The beautiful thing in the middle of this is the People of Norway have all shown so much love, so much care and so much warmth. The flowers that are all over our city tell their story We will fight the evil with love, and care for each other.

 Personally I needed some time after the tragedy, to care for my family, to meet friends, talk, cry, ponder, be silent, hug and show that we love eachother and really care.

Needed to just soak in the beauty of our wonderful nature.

I will be back now.
I will create, do the things I love, scrapbook, make art, create cards and designs.
Things will be back to normal ... time will work for us ....
but we will never forget.

5 kommentarer:

Julie Tucker-Wolek sa...

I am glad you got time away with your family... the photos are beautiful!! {{{hugs}}} :)

Eni sa...

I'm glad you are back, too.
Sending warm hugs


Mary J sa...

Your nation looks so strong and loving. I think the whole world has been amazed by you all.

Knerten sa...

Så vakkert du skriver, Gudrun, og bildene dine er fenomenale ! Det er helt sant at det er fantastisk å gå rundt i Oslos gater og se blomsterbyen som den er blitt - overalt !!
Ønsker deg en god helg sammen med dine.

Ellen sa...

You have been in my thoughts ever since the tragedy happened.

Big hug!