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fredag, januar 23, 2009

Life is busy and beautiful :)

Hi! yes Life is busy - but wonderful. LOADS of snow came to Oslo last weekend and the snow continue to fall this weekend too. SO NO biking today....LOL and NO worries about my exercizes!! I have plenty of snow to move outside my door ....LOL
I also have had loads of fun stuff to do the last week. This awesome guy Andreas Dreier is just about releasing his first CD and he asked ME to create the cover! SO proud of that. He is a really, really talented Jazz bassist and the music he creates is so cool! You can have a little peek here ;)
Have also been scrapbooking abit lately. As one of the things I wanted to really get into in 2009 is simplifying, get down to the basics, Use my stash, reuse and try to work my way trough my old treasures. I have been diving into my piles of old stamps and found loads of new inspiration. :) WOW! How great is that, to find old treasures and to find new fresh inspiration in the old and maybe forgotten stuff. :) I was thinking about maybe hosting a little "use your stash - USE - REUSE"-thing here on my blog. Thinking of finding different stuff once every week and make a little prompt for you - and some inspo on using your old treasures. ;) Anybody intrested?

Here I have used some pictures from summer 2008. Yes, I miss the beautiful scandinavian summer and LIGHT!! Even if winter is beautiful - I must say I am a summer person. :)

This LO is made inspiered by this weeks challenge over at "the creative type"-blog. OK, not alot of typing here....but I just found these awesome, old letterstickers by Provo-craft - perfect for this project. - made me totally happy. :) (yes, I'm trying to embrace the little things. ;) )
I was also inspiered by the "mobile"-prompt over at the "The Art is Found"-blog for this LO.
And not to forget - JESSI! I was super-inspiered by your beautiful butterfly-LO. :) Thanks alot!!

And last, but not least.
I got this cute little award on my blog. Thank you Tove and Julia
Much appreciated!! :) :)

8 kommentarer:

Sonja sa...

Make a wish var utrolig herlig og Kreativ!!! Veldig fine layouter (",)Spennende med cover design!

T:o)ve sa...

Helt herlig Gudrun, masser av inspirasjon, og så gøy med fotooppdraget! Ha en videre deilig helg min venn :o)

Anonym sa...

Do I have a surprise for YOU!!! It's on my blog...

Sasha Farina sa...

gorgeous works Gudrun! *hugs* Thanks for taking the time to leave some love for me. .

Marianne Hope sa...

I'm all about "using your stash", so if I can find the time, I'm in..

Petra sa...

Wonderful lo's! I'm in love with your make a wish lo! Such an awesome idea to scrap it that way!

Denise sa...

gorgeous layouts Gudrun. I m trying the same thing...using what I have, including photos. It's really rather fun, thanks for the inspiration to continue!

Evy-Kristin sa...

Hi, hi - en morsom fotoutfordring venter på deg i bloggen min ;o)