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onsdag, januar 28, 2009


LIVING; This weeks word up over at the One Little Word blog. I Love this word. Living! It's here, now, this very moment. Simple as that. As I Started this Year telling you I wanted to Start something new...this is One of the things I wanted to start: Try to Live simple - simplify, getting down to basic. NO, Not throwing away all my stuff, but just sort out, in many aspects of my life, what is really imoprtant, and what's not. This LO, made to the word LIVING over at the OLW-blog is a tribute fto THE person I definately can't live without. The guy that fill my life with love and make my life worth living. He is the person that never say no, he is allways doing his best to make life happy for everybody - Living my life with my DH is easy - He makes LIVING simple.
So please come join the fun over at the OLW blog, and show us your LIVING LOs. :)
Now, here is my little girl with her brand new LOVE. She recently statred playing this BIG, beautiful, golden instrument - the trombone. And YES she can make some really niosy sounds on that instrument...LOL
So, why do I show you this happy, but oh so blurry little pic of my little music-lover?
Well, I got this little photo-challenge from Evy-Kristin:
"Open the folder "my pictures".
*In the 6th folder,
take the 6th picture and post it on your blog.
*Write something about the picture.
*Challenge 6 new people to join this challenge.
*Put a link in their blog to let them know they are challenged"
And, just because it's wednesday I would like to give this challenge a little twist.
I'll challenge ALL you, my dear, inspiering, supportive, creative, beautiful blogreaders to:
"Open the folder "my pictures".
*In the 6th folder,
take the 6th picture and post it on your blog.
*Write something about the picture."
And if you like, post a link to your blogpost in the commentsection here on my blog. I would LOVE to see your 6th picture. ;)
Have a great week.

8 kommentarer:

Torill sa...

utrolig flott LO!!!
Du er så flink til å bruke slike små bilder, som gjør siden helt perfekt!!

Vibeke sa...

Så nydelig!!! Den var jo bare helt utrolig herlig!!:)

Anonym sa...

I love that layout.. its fabulous.. and your little one is gorgeous!

Lynn sa...

Love your blog header and Love what you created with the word 'living'! Have a great day!

T:o)ve sa...

Dere to er bare herlige sammen *klem*
PS! Glad det ikke er lyd med på bilde av S i dag hehe, tror det hadde vært heftige toner gitt!
Hilse :)

Rhonna Farrer sa...

looooove the lo! you're just soo amazing!

Anonym sa...

I got tagged with the same a while ago - and showed my 6th photo (and I tagged my son - he's 16, has his own blog and loves photography - HE has a nice pic too!!!) So if you're interested, come to my blog!

Gigi sa...

love your simple living :)
& i LOVE the photo!!!!

hope you have a fabulous weekend!