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torsdag, januar 15, 2009

EMBRACE take it all in, wrap your arms and heart around it.
Go check out Rondas new word up #43 over at the OLW-blog.
I made these T-shirts for my little embraceable girls.
So easy and fun to make.
And just because I want to embrace you all, my dear blogreaders today I want to share this little t-shirt-design with you. So if you like to make something out of my design you can download it HERE
Just print the design on to a t-shirt transfer-sheet and follow the instructions on the package of your transfer-sheets. :)
Have a great day!

11 kommentarer:

Ronda Palazzari sa...

oh my goodness.....these are so awesome! I totally love them!

T:o)ve sa...

Nyyydelige Gudrun!!! Jeg har to snupper som gjerne vil ha slike t-skjorter her.... og ja jeg er en av dem *knis*
Takk for at du deler!

Kristine sa...

Utrolig skjönne. Takk for at du deler! Klem

Rønnaug S. sa...

Så nydelig. Tusen takk. Har lasta den ned. Så får vi se om det ikke går an å gjøre noe sånnt her i huset også :)

Scrappelise sa...


MN sa...

Wow så nydelige t-skjorter!

Ruth Philps sa...

Totally gorgeous and I love your choice of words!! Very inspiring and I really want to use them!!

Anonym sa...

FREAKIN' ADORABLE!!!! i LOVE them...and i so downloaded the image...cannot wait to put it on something!!

solsiv sa...

Utrolig nydelig .-)

Takk for at du deler :-)

Rhonna Farrer sa...

Wow! I just LOVE everything you do! these shirts are soooo adorable!

Hege-Annie Simonsen sa...

Så herlig!... Nyydelig! Takk for at du deler!! :) Klem