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torsdag, februar 05, 2015

I'm moving

 Dear friends. Thank you for all your encouragement, sweet comments here on my blog.
After a long time I have now decided to move on, create new paths and continue my blog-journey in a new home
I will be delighted to have you there as my friend. Be welcome to gudruns blog.
And again thank you!

søndag, desember 07, 2014

2. Advent

Det er andre søndag i advent og jula nermer seg med stormskritt. Her tenner vi to lys og pynter med hjemmelagde papirstjerner. 
Fortsatt god advent! 

tirsdag, november 18, 2014

December journal

Can you believe we are in the middle of November already. Soon one of my favorite months will come. Can't wait for December! Love love love the month December with all the lights, preparations for Christmas, all the joy, time spent together, warm cozy indoor activities, maybe some skating or skiing, all the secrets, the making, baking, the lovely scent of Christmas in the house, the sparkle in the eyes of the kids, the preparing of gifts to the people we care for ... So many things that bring love and joy and meaning and reasons to be thankful into my life. 
As a part of my Christmas traditions is making of my December album a thing I really love and look forward to. 
This year all my scrapbooking is put away in different places around the house, but I enjoyed the process of digging trough my old paper and stash and find all things Christmas related. :-)
This years album is solely made of things I already had on hand and I enjoy bringing new life to old papers and stash. :-) 
Here are some of the premade pages I have made so far:
Thanks for stopping by. 

mandag, november 17, 2014

Strikka luer

Har strikket et par luer i det siste. Veldig enkle og raske å lage. Flotte julegaver kan det også bli. ;-) 
Jeg har brukt Rosendahl garn i 100% ull fra Nille, men du kan bruke hva som helst av liknende garn, f. eks pt3, vamsegarn el.l.  Pinne nr 6 garnforbruk: ett nøste. 
Lua blir veldig tøyelig og passer til en voksen person. 

Legg opp 56 masker på pinne nr 6. 
Strikk vrangbord, en rett en vrang eller 2r 2vr. Fortsett med dette til lua er så lang du ønsker den. 
Fell annenhver maske til det bare er 8 masker igjen. Trekk tråden gjennom de siste 8 maskene og fest godt. 
Lua er ferdig! 

lørdag, november 15, 2014


I created this page for this months word up at the one little word blog. Please join in and stop by the olw blog for all the amazing inspiration by the team. 
Have a great weekend!

søndag, oktober 26, 2014

Work in progress...

Here is a little work in progress, not sure how it will turn out when it is finished, but i have some plans on adding some text and some more color. Thanks for stopping by :-) have a great week. 

mandag, oktober 20, 2014

Autumn love

I was so inspired by this beautiful season,  the colors, the crisp air, the beauty of the trees .... And then I all of a sudden fell over the most beautiful piece of art by Neil Burley  and all of this lead me to create this little page in my messy journal. 
Thanks for stopping by my blog and enjoy the beautiful autumn. 
Love Gudrun.