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onsdag, oktober 17, 2012


Hello my lovely friends, and thank you SO much for all your sweet and warm-hearted comments. :-)
Now. Here is the reason that made me so happy and inspired to create I decided to be back here on my blog:
Yes, you are right. The wonderful, inspiring, creative blog One Little Word is back!!!
And here the other day my sweet, talented friend Ronda contacted me and asked me if I wanted to join the team like I did before. 
As a friend of mine she very well knew my life is bumpy and rough and that my creative side have been sleeping for a year now. still she chose to ask me to join. This made me so very, very happy, and all my creative friends over at OLW filled me with so much inspiration and joy I couldn't say no to join them.
This month we are Celebrating the re-birth of OLW, celebrating Jessis beautiful word for this month, celebrating art, celebrating creativity, celebrating life.
Make sure you join us for our monthly celebrating of words over at the One Little Word blog.
And soak in all the beauty and inspiration from Jessi, Ronda, Karla, Lynn and Denise.

I have made a little art Journal page for this word.
Life is not black or white. Like I said in my post yesterday there is so many things to be thankful for, to embrace, to make life colorful and happy.
Celebrate life.


cover of my AJ

Thanks for visiting my blog.
Hope to see you back soon.

tirsdag, oktober 16, 2012

New Life

Exactly one year ago, yesterday, I made my last scrapbooking-related post here on my blog. After that it all happend so fast. My kids and my life changed so fast, and all by a sudden we were all on our own.
This past year have given me a lot of lessons, alot of tears, worries and sorrows. But it also teached me to be thankful. I have so many things in my life to embrace, so many things that make me happy, so many people i love. and so many people that loves me just the way I am. Thank you!!

So Here I am, I have finally found some joy in creating, and the next post here on my blog will show you something that really really made me happy.  :-)
I just wanted to try to give my blog a new life. It will probably be a totally different one - just like mine .... 
But I will be so happy to be back here, and I hope some of you sill will find some inspiration or joy in following my blog 
...just the way it turns out...
....just the way my life is right now....