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lørdag, januar 31, 2009

got mail

I LOVE to get snail-mail, - when I open my mailbox and see some chunky, or tiny envelope with my name, handwritten on it it allways makes me happy - it means someone is thinking of me, and actually took the time writing to me, putting the letter in a envelope and went to the postoffice to mail it my way. - Is't that a great thing? When I realized how much a little thing like a letter means to me, I thought I must write letters to my distant friends more often. Valentines is soon up, and what a better occation to really, really send out some love - make some cute letters and make some of your friends happy. ;)

Made this LO for the challenge #8 over at the Scrapping Across The Universe-blog: CHALLENGE #8
Jude promises his girlfriend to write her everyday. Lucy writes her boyfriend while he is at war. Do you have a special letter to or from someone you would like to scrap? Or maybe the song "All My Loving" speaks to you.

So Please come over and join the fun!! I really LOVED this prompt! MY LO is all about some Letters from my DH. He allways try to write some letters from his journey when he is abroad with his job. This really means so much to us, the kids love these letters, and read them over and over again when he is away. I have hidden the letters from his journey to California in the brown envelope. I put the picture of him and a little quote from one of his letters on the front of the envelope.

onsdag, januar 28, 2009


LIVING; This weeks word up over at the One Little Word blog. I Love this word. Living! It's here, now, this very moment. Simple as that. As I Started this Year telling you I wanted to Start something new...this is One of the things I wanted to start: Try to Live simple - simplify, getting down to basic. NO, Not throwing away all my stuff, but just sort out, in many aspects of my life, what is really imoprtant, and what's not. This LO, made to the word LIVING over at the OLW-blog is a tribute fto THE person I definately can't live without. The guy that fill my life with love and make my life worth living. He is the person that never say no, he is allways doing his best to make life happy for everybody - Living my life with my DH is easy - He makes LIVING simple.
So please come join the fun over at the OLW blog, and show us your LIVING LOs. :)
Now, here is my little girl with her brand new LOVE. She recently statred playing this BIG, beautiful, golden instrument - the trombone. And YES she can make some really niosy sounds on that instrument...LOL
So, why do I show you this happy, but oh so blurry little pic of my little music-lover?
Well, I got this little photo-challenge from Evy-Kristin:
"Open the folder "my pictures".
*In the 6th folder,
take the 6th picture and post it on your blog.
*Write something about the picture.
*Challenge 6 new people to join this challenge.
*Put a link in their blog to let them know they are challenged"
And, just because it's wednesday I would like to give this challenge a little twist.
I'll challenge ALL you, my dear, inspiering, supportive, creative, beautiful blogreaders to:
"Open the folder "my pictures".
*In the 6th folder,
take the 6th picture and post it on your blog.
*Write something about the picture."
And if you like, post a link to your blogpost in the commentsection here on my blog. I would LOVE to see your 6th picture. ;)
Have a great week.

"Springy" inspiration

Oh, yes, I feel frozen, ice cold .... wrapped up in my woolen socks and woolen sweaters I still feel like I need just a tiny little piece of spring now. So what to do? Well, I found this cute picture of my little girl, first day in 3rd grade, autumn 2008 - she was SO proud and happy to make her homework. She LOVES to create, draw and use bold, beautiful this inspiered me to find my bold, happy-colored acrylic paints, my little butterfly-stamps and some tread (and a needle ;) )
This happy spring-inspiration will also be a part of the class I'll teach at the March crop in Ski; "SKI-TREFFET".
SO, SO looking foreward to that!

fredag, januar 23, 2009

Life is busy and beautiful :)

Hi! yes Life is busy - but wonderful. LOADS of snow came to Oslo last weekend and the snow continue to fall this weekend too. SO NO biking today....LOL and NO worries about my exercizes!! I have plenty of snow to move outside my door ....LOL
I also have had loads of fun stuff to do the last week. This awesome guy Andreas Dreier is just about releasing his first CD and he asked ME to create the cover! SO proud of that. He is a really, really talented Jazz bassist and the music he creates is so cool! You can have a little peek here ;)
Have also been scrapbooking abit lately. As one of the things I wanted to really get into in 2009 is simplifying, get down to the basics, Use my stash, reuse and try to work my way trough my old treasures. I have been diving into my piles of old stamps and found loads of new inspiration. :) WOW! How great is that, to find old treasures and to find new fresh inspiration in the old and maybe forgotten stuff. :) I was thinking about maybe hosting a little "use your stash - USE - REUSE"-thing here on my blog. Thinking of finding different stuff once every week and make a little prompt for you - and some inspo on using your old treasures. ;) Anybody intrested?

Here I have used some pictures from summer 2008. Yes, I miss the beautiful scandinavian summer and LIGHT!! Even if winter is beautiful - I must say I am a summer person. :)

This LO is made inspiered by this weeks challenge over at "the creative type"-blog. OK, not alot of typing here....but I just found these awesome, old letterstickers by Provo-craft - perfect for this project. - made me totally happy. :) (yes, I'm trying to embrace the little things. ;) )
I was also inspiered by the "mobile"-prompt over at the "The Art is Found"-blog for this LO.
And not to forget - JESSI! I was super-inspiered by your beautiful butterfly-LO. :) Thanks alot!!

And last, but not least.
I got this cute little award on my blog. Thank you Tove and Julia
Much appreciated!! :) :)

fredag, januar 16, 2009

Roses :)

Found this little, old pic of my little Eirun in the garden - and I just fell in love with this pic once again. Isn't she cute with the little hat, working in the garden among the roses. Makes me dream of summer again. :) It also made me think of one of my favourite songs, a christmas-carol actually... "en rose er utsprungen". (sorry, can't translate this) And the new prompt over at the "scrapping the music på Norsk" -blog came to my mind. Love this challenge: scrap your favourite song. :)
Have used Vintage Photo Tool Kit by rhonna farrer on my photo to make it even cuter ;)
And, yes, I'm really into "use my stash" lately. Think I just need to find old treasures among all my papers and embellies - love to re-discover old things I loved - so this LO is made mostly with "old" stuff. except the beautiful Prima bling-swirl and the uber-cute button (bought at Nåløyet, Ski today) :)

torsdag, januar 15, 2009

EMBRACE take it all in, wrap your arms and heart around it.
Go check out Rondas new word up #43 over at the OLW-blog.
I made these T-shirts for my little embraceable girls.
So easy and fun to make.
And just because I want to embrace you all, my dear blogreaders today I want to share this little t-shirt-design with you. So if you like to make something out of my design you can download it HERE
Just print the design on to a t-shirt transfer-sheet and follow the instructions on the package of your transfer-sheets. :)
Have a great day!

søndag, januar 11, 2009

This and that...

Just got this award from Trine. Thank you my friend! :)
And the good thing about this award: I can't find any rules or must do or
So I'll just give this award to a fabolous lady - a dear friend of mine - who recently really got into blogging ALOT - and her blog is SO inspiering.
This is for you and your awesome blog. :)

Have you seen the new, norwegian challenge-blog: "Scrapping the Music på Norsk" ?
Totally fun to have our own norwegian scrapping the music. So if you haven't been there yet, you just have to pop by and join the fun.
The first challenge is all about the song "Nå er vinter'n her" by Jokke og Valentinerne.
And here is my take on this challenge. Had this pic of Iver in the snow, and i think it was just waitig for this challenge. ;) Thank you girls, your new blog rocks!! :)

And for those of you that have known me for years .... this picture will probably all make you smile ;)

Yes, I have just been back to good ol' paperpiecing lately.

This is how it all started. I made my own piecings and sold them at scrapbooking-exhibitions way back. Then time went by and I kinda got tired of my piecings..... But when I made those little bees and some other little figures it was so fun. :)

I actually made these because a lady called me a while back and asked me if i could make some paperpiecings for her ....... so happy I re-discovered this little kind of art. :)

fredag, januar 09, 2009


Have really had a hangup on words lately......... The new year, with all its possibilities makes me think - makes me want changes - makes me want to embrace, learn, listen more, be a better person, clean out all the mess, simplify, focus more on the most important things in my life, take time, just BE and be aware of the little things, capture the moments - the life.....
SO MANY words came to my mind - and inspiered by Ali Edwards, and her word for the year - and of course by the One Little Word blog - and all the wordsters I wanted to join in and choose a word for this year 2009.
But - as you can imagine - with all this words in my head, it was hard to sort out just ONE word.....
I made this LO using some of the words that came to my mind.....and suddenly I realised - my word for 2009 is as simple as START.
What I really want is to START doing, or thinking of, or embrace, or capture..........
So many things I want to get started, so many plans so many Ideas, so many things I want to do. So, I just need to get started.

Start is also my first word up at the OLW blog. You still have time to come over and play along!


torsdag, januar 08, 2009

Blog award :)

Got this blogAward from my friend Tove. Thank you tove! I really appreciated this.
And because It made me totally happy - and because I'm really bad at this award-stuff I think I have to be better in 2009, I'll give this awesome award to 5 other bloggers I really like to visit. You are all awesome, talented, inspiering girls:
Lene (yes I know you get this award from Tove too, but I can't help but giving it to you, my bestest buddy)

The rules are like this:
1. Put a link on your blog from whom you got it.
2. Give it to 5 new blogs (which in their turn have to give it to 5 new blogs).
3. Put a link on your blog to those blogs you give it to.
4. Give the blogs you give the award to a note that you have given them this award.
5. Write 5 things you are addicted to

OK, So I guess I have to tell you about 5 things I'm addicted to....
1. Chocolate. (I have heard thet chocolate makes you a kind I stick to that every day.... LOL )
2. Scrapbooking !! (surprise!!??)
3. Colors. (Yes, I LOVE them all!)
4. Tea. (love allmost all kinds of tea. Mmmmmm)
5. Flowers and candles (can't live without them. Fresh flowers on my table makes me happy)

Here is a pic of some beautiful flowers i got from my best friend on new years eve, Think tulips are one of my favourites, beautiful, don't you think?!

onsdag, januar 07, 2009


2009 has allready been here for a week. School has startded and we start to get back to the swing of things again. :) As you know I was the lucky one to start out the new year over at the OLW-blog. That means I also get the chance to be the first one in 2009 to share a little tips/technique with all the wordsters. So please come over and join the fun!!
his is two layouts I made using my technique ;) We have really had some great outoor-fun this christmas and new year. My family consists of a buch of winter-loving persons....the good thing is, they make me love the winter too....even if I am a true summer-girl ;) LOL


So, as I'm back to my normal routines I also pop by some of my favourite blogs.
One of them: Scrappemania just got a fabolous new designteam. SO many talented ladies in one plase. WOW!!
SO, Congrats to Kathrine, Kine, Marianne H, Marianne M og Camilla !! I'm SO looking foreward to watch you all and your stuff over at the scrappemania-blog this year. :)
They also have this fab giveaway over at the blog. So please, join in to get the chance to win! :)

lørdag, januar 03, 2009


Yes, I started out my scrapbooking-year 2009 pretty grand, with my first ever word up over at the OLW-blog. So happy to be a part of the OLW-team, so happy to get the opportunity to start the new year with my word up: START.
It's also an honor to be published along with all my dear OLW-friends over at the Scrap Street Magazine this week.
I would love to see you all play along with the other wordrsers this week. :) please come over to OLW and join the fun!

fredag, januar 02, 2009

a new doorhanging for the new year. :)

Made this little doorhanging using alot of fun Prima-stuff and some branches from my apple-tree :) Allways fun with something new and fresh for the new year. :)

torsdag, januar 01, 2009

Happy New Year!!

photoframe by Gudrun Loennecken
Wishing you all the best; healt and happiness.
We had a wonderful new years celebration with friends, lots of good food, drinks, laughter, talking...

Today - the first day of the year, we started out having some great outoor activities with friends. Skating on a lake nearby, having a little campfire, hot coffee, sausages and cakes. :)
The weather was perfect. We started a bit late, and as the daylight just lasts for a few hours here we had a beautiful sunset when we sat around the campfire. :)
I love this winter-days, when it is cold, crisp and we have the time to enjoy the outdoor-activities, the nature with kids and friends. ;)

photoframe by Kristine M Biseth