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torsdag, april 30, 2009

Summer party and NSD over at mSB

Yesterday I had "my day" over at the my Stamp BOX-blog, and I shared some cute and easy ideas for party-invitations. Come on over! This blog is filled with lots of great inspiration, tutorials and cute techniques from the awesome design-team allmost every day!! :)

There will also be a PARTY on the 2nd of may, to Celebrate National Scrapbooking Day! SO JOIN the fun and run on over to the mSB-blog on may 2nd at 5pm EST too. :)

tirsdag, april 28, 2009

Colorful backgrounds

Hi all.
It's my turn up to share a tip/technique over at the OLW-blog.
I have made a fun and colorful background with painted circles.
Please come over and have a look at OLW!

fredag, april 24, 2009

happy day!

Hi my friends. It's a happy day today. It is my day to share a little technique over at the mSB-blog. I have been in spring-mood lately, so my project is simple, colorful and fun. Please come on over to the mSB-blog to join the fun!!
My online hand-stiching-class over at "scrappekurs-bloggen" starts today too. I have been working SO hard on this class - can't wait to get started. :)
Alle mine norsktalende venner:
Ikke glem at "SY LITT" kurset starter på Scrappekurs-bloggen idag. Dette blir et super-atrig kurs med massevis av søm-ideer.
5 - 6 ulike teknikker, samt en bonus-idé og en kjempesøt digital søm-leke. :)
Håper å se dere på kurs!!

onsdag, april 22, 2009


And this time it is my turn to choose the word:
Journey– I have had this word on my mind ever since I started my journey as a team-member at OLW. I love to travel, I love to go places, to see, learn and find new inspiration. I also love words – so this journey through the world of words and all the inspiration that goes with it has been so important to me this last year. As a foreigner and a novice to the English language I often use my dictionary, so this has also been a journey through my dictionary, to find out more about the English language, the meaning of the actual word and what the word means to me. All the inspiring projects and all the beautiful words from all the wordsters, and the wonderful girls on the OLW-team have made this a great journey so far, and I'm looking forward to see all the takes on this word in the OLW-journey of words.
So please come over to the OLW-blog and join the fun.

onsdag, april 15, 2009


Finally Spring arrived here in Oslo too. :) Oh, I love when the snow leaves, the birds sing and the green grass and tiny, little flowers are back.
Here is my little girl with some cute little flowers she brought home for me after school today. SO love tese little moments. :)

tirsdag, april 14, 2009


Fikk denne kjempekoselige awarden fra Monica aka Madam. TUSEN TAKK!! Det gjør meg så glad. :) :)
Got this award from this awesome lady. It made me totally happy :)
I'm not good at award-stuff and so on, but this cute bug just need some new good homes.
I have lots of favourite is SO hard to choose....
But here are some I visit regulary. All awesome, supertalented and oh so generous ladies:
In no particular order
**edited** I also got this super-cute award from Sharmaine today. Thanks a bunch hun!! You really made me smile. :) :)

mandag, april 13, 2009

Happy Easter! :)

Hi my friends.
Hope you've all had a wonderful spring-break and a happy easter.
I have been out of town this week - just relaxing - meeting friends and family, enjoying the holidays. Could it be better??
Here are some pics of MY easter. Crocheting, oranges, quis on the radio, snow, sun, skiing...
Just started this NEW project inspired by my super-awesome friend Tove. I love to make stuff and when I'm not at home, knitting and crocheting are some of my faves. So when Tove showed me a super-beautiful woolen blanket she made I was hooked. ;) She even shared how she made it on her blog. (for those of you who read norwegian ;) )

torsdag, april 09, 2009

mSB blog hop :)

Happy Easter to all of my blogfriends.
If you've just happened upon on my blog today, you'll want to see what the myStamp BOX Blog Hop is all about; check out the myStamp BOX blog to start on this fun journey and a chance to win some fun new stamps! And post a link back to the mSB blog. And make sure to post a comment here on my blog too :) :)
As this is just in the middle of my easter-vacation (and I actually have no internet-connection) - and because of the of the time-zones this blogpost might be posted a few hours early. The mSB blog hop starts 8th of april 8.00pm EST

And here is my little easter- "gift" to you.
A colorful card and a cute little gift-bag, both made using one of my favourite mSB-stamp-set: "he loves me".
I stamped a bunch of leaves on some of my fave light patternd-paper-scraps. Painted lightly over the leaves with shimmerz paint. Made the card and gift-bag using a colorful patternd paper (I think mine is from Doodlebug). I added the leaves, a button and some fiber.
I can close the giftbag with a green ribbon on the top of the bag.
This colorful bag and card is perfect for a birthday-present in april, or just to make a friend or a neighbour happy this easter. Fill the bag with some yummy chocolate or cookies, and this will definately be a great success. :)
Hope you enjoyed this little spring-idea.
For more ideas hop over to Krystens blog, or back to the mSB-blog to read more about todays blog hop. :)


onsdag, april 01, 2009

Happy birthday!!

30th of march was the birthday of two of the best girls in the world. SO happy birthday in arrears Lene and SOL!! You are both amazing and brighten up my life.
Love you!

Life has been pretty crazy-busy around here ... good but busy - and still is...
Yesterday I went totally giddy when i popped into 2 peas to fint this LO as the "featured LO of the day" in the gallery. and and #1 of the top 10 by votes. WOW! How cool is that!! So thanks to all the peas that voted for my LO and all the sweet comments. You all made my day!!
And here is a little digi I made using some fun Erika Hernandez-stuff. :)
have a great week my friends. :)