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lørdag, februar 22, 2014

Just a note

I found this little blue note on my kitchen table after my darling boyfriend went to work early one morning. Love his little everyday " i love you-notes" and messages. It makes me so happy. I stuck this note into one white page in my art journal, just to keep it. Then today I was just in the mood to create, and this little note was right there in my book ... So why not use it. Great way to save it and remember it forever. :-) 
Just wanted to share some little everyday love. ❤
Have a great weekend 

fredag, februar 14, 2014


Just a little love for you my blogfriends. I appreciate you all so mutch. Tanks for still visiting my blog, encourage me and leave me nice comments. Love you!
Here is a li'l card I've created for my oh so wonderful boyfriend. Used my old 3ndypapir summer collection and some graphic45 paper. Creating this made me so happy and excited .... Still love card making ❤
Have a lovely day. 

onsdag, februar 12, 2014


Kindness is a precious gift. I have some really kind people in my life, they make my life worth living. I'm so grateful.
 I believe  it's always good to be kind. Never give up kindness, even if you get disappointed. Just make sure you have your limits, so no one take advantage of you. 
Thanks for coming by my blog.