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fredag, desember 20, 2013

Fun to fold Paper stars :-)

Hi my friends. Here are some paper stars I have folded. These are so much fun to make, and when you are into it they are not that tricky to make. I found a nice step by step instruction here : 

onsdag, desember 11, 2013

My december album

Here are some of The pages I've created for my December album. Mostly pictures from our daily life and what we do before xmas. I really enjoy this journey. :-)
Thanks for popping by!

Just a christmas card

Yesterday i made this very simple xmas card. My son asked me to make a card for a friend, and his question made me super happy.  I so enjoyed playing. :-)

And, then a wonderful little note created by Karen Salmansohn
Have a lovely day! 

mandag, november 25, 2013

December daily :-)

So excited about playing with paper and my scrap booking stuff to make this years December daily album. So far I've made 10 pages. One cover page with a list over things we love to do in our household before Christmas, and 9 interior pages, ready to be filled with this years December activities. I've decided not to put numbers on the pages. Maybe  it won't be able to make one page each day, or maybe I want to start earlier.... You never know. Besides I can use whatever premade page whenever I want during the journey. I've used only my own design paper by 3ndypapir and old stuff I've had around in my stash, exept  some  folders and tags from websters. 
Thanks for popping by. Your kind comments and support makes me so happy. 
Have a great week. See you around. :-)

torsdag, november 21, 2013

i Play :-)

I have had so much fun playing today. :-)
Super excited about the new christmas-project. Just had to share a little glimpse. Will share more tomorrow. 

onsdag, november 20, 2013

sometings brewing.....

To be honest I'm not really sure how to start this post.
It has been a really looooong time since I wrote or posted anything here.
I never forgot my good ol' blog, but it was, for a while, far far away from me. I didn't have the inspiraton, the creativity, the energy to write or create. 
However, at a certain point I started to miss it all. 
I missed my paper-stuff, my scrapbooking, my cardmaking and my little messy world of creativity and "art".
And yesterday was a really great day. It was one of those really really happy days. A day that gives you energy, and makes you smile for days.  
First I went to the city centre of Oslo to by myself some canvas. At the craft store I found this little ringbound album and it all started to ticle inside me. I bought the album and a few tags, decided to do something I have done for years, and really want to do ....
SO I hope I can go for it and share the journey with you.
HERE is a hint - or two - what this is all about.

Yes, and so on to the canvases I bought at the craft store...
My friends, Lene and Heike had invited me to join them in a painting class with the wonderful artist Lise Larsen Kjelstrup.
It was really the most wonderful, creative, happy, artful day I have had for a very long time.
Thank you Girls!! 
You filled me up with so much joy and happiness and energy ....and....

here are some little glimpses from the class:

So, all this lead to even more creativity and happiness ...
Today my girls asled me if I wanted to scrap or make some papercrafts with them. We havent done it for ages, and it made me so very very happy. We went to the storage and gathered paper and stuff and put it all on the kitchen table. Sol created some wonderful cards, and then we all created some paper-stars. Very easy, very simple, but SO much fun!!
We had a really great time creating, and now we just want to do more!! Thank you Eirun and Sol for dusting off my scrapbooking-stuff and getting us started.

Well, this was all, for now.
Hope you will pop by some other day....I think I have something more brewing....

Thanks for your patience, thanks for all your support and for all kind and heartwarming words along the way. Thanks for not giving up on me. 
It's time to start over ...
better this time.