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torsdag, november 27, 2008

New PC and a happy little doorhanging. :)

Hi my friends. - Yes I know I have been gone forever. My old PC wanted to retire - and my hubby had a new pc for me just around the corner. So here I am, back in business with my new pc. :)
Thanksgiving is celebrated this weekend in US. We don't have thanksgiving here....but never the less, we have loads of things to be thankful for. So: I really, really want to say THANK YOU to all my blogfriends!! I so appreciate your kind komments, e-mails and sweet words. :) :) I know I'm no good at commenting and leaving love on your blogs - yes, I really want to do better....
Anyhow: decided I wanted to give you, my blogreaders a little gift. A tiny, tiny mini-class. :) :)
I made myself a little before-christmas-doorhanging the other day. Had really fun making it. So, here is how I made it:
What You'll need:
Branches to make a circle (i have used birch)
Old bookpages
CraclePaint / acrylic paint
Premade leaves from Prima (or other - whatever you prefer )
red buttons
Gluegun (heat-glue)
heart-ornament (or something else to put in the middle of the doorhanging)

Used alot of old bookpages and cut out leaves on freehand. (they are between 1" and 2" (inch) in size)

Painted all my cut-out leaves with cracle-paint. (acrylic paint is fine too)

While all my leaves dried I went outside collecting some branches. I have used birch, but you can use whatever is easy to bend into a circle. :)

Tied all the branches together using metal-wire, and made them into a circle. :)

Collected all the stash I wanted to put on my dorhanging.
I have used:
- my own handcut leaves
- leaves from Prima
- red buttons
I glued everything in place using my glugun. First the leaves, then the red buttons.

I had a little heart-ornament and a lovely ribbon from india and tied it on the top of my doorhanging.

And here it is, ready to cheer up your front door, or a window. :)
And if you make a doorhanging inspiered by my miniclass, please link me up, so I can go see it! :)
Have a great day.

onsdag, november 19, 2008

OLW Word up #40

This weeks word up at the One Little Word-blog is ENERGY. Love this word! Energy can be so much - creative energy - energy flowing between people - energy to do whatever you have to or want to do. For me kids energy is one of the most amazing things. They can do things I as agrown up never could do - they can keep on going whit their activity for ever and ever - and never seem to get a lack of energy. Love it! I made this little minialbum as an ode to my kids, to their energy and to the energy I find in autumn. Autumn is a beautiful time of year here in Norway. The colors are amazing, weather changes, the air gets cool - we can even have snow in the middle of october (or earlier). The direction of the summer-energy turn into something totally different - something new, fresh and energizing (for me).
Actually I was so inspiered by this word - energy - and by revlies enthusiasm and energy - and all the amazing work by all the other girls over at the OLW-blog ... I had to make one more LO for this word ....
It's all about my little Sol. She is SO full of enegy. In norwegian we call it "energibombe" a energy bomb ( I guess you have another word for it in english...). She can be everywhere, do enerything - she can klimb the highest mountain and cross the deepest seas. Nothing can stop her when she want to do something. I really admire her unbelieveable enery. So the entire week before halloween my girls had their own little "before-party". They had SO many plans, they tried all the costumes and they had SO much fun painting eachother with the face-paint set. (the bathroom was painted too) . And here she is: my little energy bomb :

SO PLEASE dig up your energy and come over to the OLW-blog and play along!!

tirsdag, november 18, 2008

Gettin' ready for christmas ??

OK, I'm abit early this year. I LOVE christmas. I love to make stuff for decorating my home and to give homemade presents to friends and family, so, I'm working on some things.... ;)
As you see, not paper only ... some woolen snowflakes ... pretty easy if you are into crocheting ;)
Also have made some cute gift-bags. (maybe to put some yummy coockies in it for my neighbours?)
As you might know lene and I have really been in a christmasy mood all since june this year....while working on the christmas-inspo article for KK julen 2008. So If you want some ideas - and are able to read Norwegian (lol, guess most of my blogreaders are.....but some not...) You should definately Go BUY this Magazine. Tons of inspo there!! :)
I have some plans sharing some home-made christmas-stuff over the next few weeks - so if you are really this Christmas-kind-a-person you might come over to my blog now and then and join the fun :)

søndag, november 16, 2008

Scrapping Across the universe #3 is up!

Today is challenge #3 up, over at the Scrapping Across the Universe blog - Come play along!!
So proud my norwegian scrapbooking-friend The fab miss Gladie is our guest designer :) :) And the prize you can win this time is norwegian too! It's a nice and cozy vintage Christmas-paperpack by (Lene & gudrun)
The challenge is all about first Love - My LO this time is 100% digi. All elements designed by Rhonna Farrer. (except the frames around the picture - design Gudrun )

torsdag, november 13, 2008

Lanterns and layouts

Really cold and clear here in oslo today. I bundeled up in my cozy shawl, found my turqouse mittens and went out. Frozen leaves and crisp ice-crystals made cold crunchy sounds when I went to a beautiful, little café and shop /hairdresser in my neighbourhood. Had a caffelatte before heading off to school to pick up my kids.

So yes, I have been scrapbooking lately too. :) Loads of inspo out there huh?
This time I was really, really inspiered by the challenge over at The Creative Type-blog. The challenge was: Mix it up ... and so I did. I mixed the lovely Type-overlay (made by Christina Clouse the awesome guest over at TCT-blog ) with some dymostrips and some old alphas by Making memories (and the red ones ...unknown)
I have Mixed English and Norwegian - I have also used the most beautiful digi-elements by Rhonna Farrer so this is a mix of digi, papers, types, languages..... Yes, I had TOTALLY FUN making this. :)
Thanks to the Creative Typists. :)

Seems like I tend to use green on my autumn layouts lately..... Made this LO inspiered by the challenge over at the brand NEW SiStv-challenge blog " The haute Spot".
Loved the idea of getting some math into my LO. So here is my take:
1+2+3+4=10 reasons why I love you. :)
We have also had this beautiful little lantern-walk-tradition here. On tuesday all the kids 2.-4. grade at school was out in the afternoon, walking with their beautifully made lighten up a long, dark season. November can be a dark and slow month here in norway, so this lantern-tradition is really a good and beautiful thing. :)
Hope you'll all have a great weekend.

mandag, november 10, 2008

Lovely Autumn

Autumn - Cold, fresh air - crisp leaves - start to put on warm, woolen clothes....
Yes, I love all this. Autumn - if it's not rainy - is a beautiful time of year.
Last weekend I was out with my kids - we played in all the brown leaves - running - laughing - having a great time together - we all enjoyed it SO much.
Moments like this makes me reflect on how grateful I am to have such a wonderful family. :)
Took loads of pictures, and wanted to use many, many of them on my LO.
I made a pocket on my LO, attached alot of pictures on the outside, and stuck even more, and some journaling inside.
This LO was also inspiered by a "stash diet"-challenge over at SiS. Played with my old, but yet SO cool Mustard Moon alpha-stickers.
Thanks for popping by!
Have a great week.

onsdag, november 05, 2008

One Little Word :) :)


The word over at the OLW-blog is up! Come over and play along!

I'm so so happy and proud to be a part of the Creative team at the OLW-blog - I mean wow!: Look at all the amazingly talented women over there, get inspiered and LISTEN to your creative juices. :)

Have a great evening. :)

Digiscrapp og ScrappeMania. :)

OK, I admit it...I'm Not a digi-scrapper........but every now and then I love to dig into my digi-kits and play. This picture is from Copenhagen (Denmark) and I just LOVE the colors of the houses. Had fun diggin into some digi-kits By Rhonna Farrer. :)

Also got some happy, happy news:
Lene and I (3ndypapir) are so lucky to be guest designers for November over at the ScrappeMania blog. Please go and have a look at their awesome blog :) Loads of fun challenges, prizes and happening .... and some really amazing talented scrapbookers. ;)

tirsdag, november 04, 2008

Scrapping across the Universe, challenge #2 is up!! :)

Firs of all: Congrats to Gladie! The lucky winner of challenge #1 over at the Scrapping Across the universe-blog. :)

So for the NEW challenge: you can find it HERE - please come over and join the fun!!


mandag, november 03, 2008

Classes and so on... :)

Layout for a class I'll teach at Minnehjørnet. Inspiered by Corinne Delis. :)

OK, my non-norwegian-speaking friends: Sorry for previous post in Norwegian only ...
This is a layout for the class I'll teach at Minnehjørnet, Ski, friday 7.11. I'll also teach in Tønsberg (Gode minner) this upcoming saturday (a vintage minialbum).
I LOVE to teach, i love to share, and I LOVE to play with all the other girls (and boys) that comes to my classes. :) I allways get all this inspiering vibes after having a class....just want to run home and create, create, create....LOL

Kurs 7./11. på Minnehjørnet 8./11 på Gode Minner

Den 7. november er det klart for kurs på Minnehjørnet i Ski igjen.
Jeg skal ha kurset "mal deg glad". En hærlig lek med farger og ulike teknikker.
Ta med ett bilde. Vi skal lage en LO med vanlig akryl-maling og vakre pearlex-farger.
Håper å se mange male-og-scrappeglade damer der!
Den 8. November reiser jeg til Tønsberg - da blir det VINTAGE Minialbum-kurs på Gode minner.
Håper å se mange av de vestfoldske scrapperne der. ;)