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torsdag, juli 28, 2011


Just need some time to recover, to think, to ponder.
Will take a few days off.

Thanks for all your love, all your thaught and prayers.
It is all so much appreciated.


fredag, juli 22, 2011

Light a candle

....light a candle and cry for all the young people that have been killed and injuried at the Utøya camp.....
....light a candle for those who have been killed and injuried in Oslo today.....
.....light a candle for all those people that have lost their loved ones, their kids, their mom or dad, their family-members and friends.....
....light a candle to tell the world we will never let terror like this damage or destroy the democracy and freedom of our country....
....light a candle because you care....


Terrified and sad are the words of today:
what I have to share with you today, my friends are these pictures from the bomb blast in Oslo and the attac at Utøya.
This is so terrifying and it makes me so very, very sad.  :(
I don't have words for what I feel about this.
I'm so sorry for all the people that have lost their dear ones in this bomb attac and the terrible happenings at Utøya.
Things like this should never ever happen!!
All we can do is listening to the radio and hear what is going on, and pray for all the people that are offer for these actions.

 You can read more about it on CNN, BBC or NRK
I had planned on sharing some cute cards with the brand new PDS stamps, but all we manage to do is listening to the radio and hear what is going on.
We can't believe this is actually happening in our nice, peaceful city and our beloved country.

onsdag, juli 20, 2011

THE Journey

 Hi my friends.
Thank you for all your kind wishes on my journey / vacation to california.

I tell you: we had the best time ever!!
It was all gorgeous and beautiful!

We enjoyed the time at a beautiful Hotel at the beach of Chanal Island, Oxnard, and got to stay a lot at the beach.

 We also came to visit a lot of fun places: Six flags, Sea World in san Diego and Disney Land.
It was all super fun and lovely.
 We went on a road trip to Sequoia to see the giant trees, to Yosemite national park to se the beautiful falls and nature and to Death Valley to see the desert and to feel the heat ( 122F ) ( 50 degrees celsius)

 We also visited the beautiful city: San Fransisco, wich we all emmediately fell in love with.

This was just a tiny little glimpse of my journey.
I'm sure I will tire you with more ... and of course all the photos will keep me busy scrapbooking for quite a while.... ;)

Thank you for popping by.
Thanks for all your kind comments. Thanks for all your thoughts and love - it really means a lot!!

søndag, juli 17, 2011

Iver 13 :)

Gratulerer med dagen kjære, kjære Iver gutten vår!!

Happy happy birthday to our beloved Iver.
You are the funniest, kindest, most talented, warmhearted boy.
Love you so much!!
Wish you all the best on your 13th birthday today.