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fredag, oktober 31, 2008

play . digi

Just a quick, little digi-LO - played with a free digi-kit from 2 peas (Tia Bennett) and had totally fun-

onsdag, oktober 29, 2008

snowy day and glimpses from france ;)

Hi my friends. here are the weather-report from Oslo today. first snowfall this winter. Can't believe it - I'm allways surprised the first snowy day - every single year..... Cold and wet outside, but cosy, cosy inside, with the fire, tea in a big cup and of course some yoummy scrapbooking going on. :)
Must say THANK YOU so much for all your sweet comments on my new "job" over at the OLW-blog. :) Your comments means the world to me. HUGS!! :)
I'm also SO honored to be a part of this great, unbelieveably talented team. Can't wait to start this exciting journey.

So, I guess some of you are curious about the trip Lene and I had to Montpellier, France.
We had a really, really great trip. It was SO good to meet Céline again, and all the girls we met was SO wonderful. :) :)
It was SO cool to meet Adrienne too - thanks sweetheart, we really LOVED your company :)
The classes was so good - we learned, we laughted we played and had totally fun. Céline, Karine and Adrienne are all amazingly talented and wonderful teachers. :)
Here are a glimpse of some of the projects we made and some other pics. :)

I'm over the moon.... :)

Happy, happy day! I'm so excited and happy to be a part of this team. :) :)

fredag, oktober 24, 2008

France here we come! :)

yes, you are right! I'm going to france in about 2 hours :) :) Lene and I are off to Montpellier to join Céline on her entreARTistes event this weekend. And I know this is going to be SO, SO totally fun, and i'm really excited. I'll probably share some photos and some scrappy stuff when I'm home on tuesday. :)
Have a nice weekend everyone. :)

onsdag, oktober 15, 2008

Scrapping Across The Universe

Made this LO to this weeks very FIRST challenge at the BRAND NEW challenge-blog SCRAPPING ACROSS THE UNIVERSE. Come join the fun!!
This LO was made - inspiered by the first scene in the movie with the same name "across the universe". - Jude sitting on the beach singing "Girl" by John Lennon - beautiful!
I was also totally inspiered by the name of the challenge blog - by the idea of scrapping across the universe .... we are so many scrapbookers and artists all across the world - and because of this blogging and internet-connection this fab hobby has given me SO many friends all over the world - think that is really something to be greatful for. Thanks to my scrapbooking :)
The LO is a hybrid LO. Credit to Rhonna Farrer and Tia Bennett for the photoframes - downloaded at 2Peas

tirsdag, oktober 14, 2008

Classes - and word Up; Keep

First of all: Thank you SOOOO MUCH for all your kind comments and hugs on last post. I really needed it. :) HUGS to all my blogfriends.
But Life has to go on and this week is gonna be really busy. Have two classes at the big gathering in Ski - Minnehjørnet- this coming weekend - one vintage-vintage-class (same class I teached in Tønsberg last sunday) and one vintage Christmas-minialbum with my best buddy Lene. This is going to be SO much fun!!
Also have a class next week at Minnehjørnet. I'll teach the minialbum you can see above. So to all my norwegian friends located close to Ski or Oslo: Hurry up and sign in to the class the 21st of september!!
Made this album for this weeks word Up at the One Little Word-blog. The word is KEEP. I found my dictionary and read all the meanings of the word - I was so inspiered to make this vintage-album - because KEEP is for me related to scrapbooking - to keep memories, to put together all these keepsakes - to make something for keeps :)
So go visit the OLW-blog and soak in some great inspiration. :)
Have a great week.

mandag, oktober 13, 2008

Sorry about my absence

picture downloaded from the internet (unknown)

I'm just in to complain a bit...Im SO SO sad....think I need some big hugs.This weekend started out pretty strange: the police came up to tell me my girls have scratched some of the neighbours cars (i think 4 in all) with stones. This was really bad, because I owe the owners about 5000 norwegian kroner ( 1000 USD) for each car - bad girls! and NOT good news for my allready empty bank account... :(
My dear hubby tried to cheer me up abit and invited me for lunch downtown - wich was really good - and he told me everything would be ok with the girls and the neighbours cars .... he is the best :)
One of the neighbours called and was really, really angry. I CAN UNDERSTAND that, I was pretty upset myself - but she didn't make my day any better ... Just had to calm her down, telling her everything should be fixed, and I should pay her the cost of fixing the car.

So - the worst part:
When I came home I wanted to do som scrapbooking.I started my PC to find some pictures to scrap.I found some I really LOVE from our summer vacation in denmark.
I worked on them and I was very pleased about the result.Just had to run out doing some errands before the weekend.Came home to realize my computer had gone totally wonky :(Restarted it twice.Then I was ready to find my pictures, print them and make myself happy with some selfish scrapbooking...And I realized The entire file with ALL my pictures (400 pics) from denmark was GONE!!!! Thought my hubby had taken a backup, so I searced for it for ages ... found out he didn't :( (bad hubby - ok, he thought I had done the backup ... bad ME!)
SO my pics are all gone!! I'm crying my eyes out! - just because of one folder with 400 pics - yes I know I'm silly .... but I'm a scrapbooker and the pictures means the world to me!So, The message to you my dear blogfriends: GO check you have made your backup recently!!!

I have tried to get some of the ics back, and I found 6 out of 400 - hopfully I'll find some more with abit of patience.
So now you know why I have been absent from my blog for a while.

Hope to see you soon again


onsdag, oktober 01, 2008


Thank you for all your sweet comments on my blog. :) Much appreciated.:)
yes I had a really great time with my dear Eirik in Barcelona. That city is AMAZING and I'm totally in love. Maybe I'll share some pics later. ;)
Also good to be back home, celebrate autumn a little bit. Had some friends over this weekend, and we had totally fun. Played with the kids outside, klimbed the trees, played in the leaves.... so today I made this little minialbum to celebrate friendship and autumn bliss. :)
And Edvin is really into Music these days. As you know he plays the piano and trumpet....and now he also want to play the guitar! Dont know how he will find time to do all of it....but as we all love music we can't say no .... so it's just to get ready for more instruments in my livingroom. :)
Made both the LO and the minialbum using lots of reminisce stuff. It's such a pity so few of the retailers in norway carry their stuff... Anyhow, had totally fun playing this allways; scrapping makes me feel good! LOL
Have a great night.