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tirsdag, november 30, 2010

pillow box and a cute envelope. :)


It has been a busy weekend for me. Lots of friends around the house, we had a wonderful time with 16 people making gingerbread cookies around our table, and eating traditional norwegian christmas food together, laughing, talking and having the best 1st weekend in advent together.

I also had a demo at my local scrapbook store in Oslo, Steffens AS.
I made alot of different things, and I will share them during this week.
Lots of nice ladies showed up at the demo, and I had so much fun showing things to create with 3ndypapir christmas collection 2010, and the new collage-sheets I recently put together for Steffens.

I thought this little pillow-box and the cute envelope with room for a greeting and a gift card would be a nice thing to share here at "home for christmas".
I love simple, but cute templates for christmas.
These are fast and easy to make, and you can use what ever paper and embellishments you like.
I have used patterned paper by 3ndypapir, "hilsen gudrun" christmas-collection.
download the template by just right-click on the image and save.
(if it doesen't work, please let me know, and I'll upload it to 4shared, and leave a link instead. ;) )
Here is the gift-envelope with room for a greeting and a gift-card inside.
I love this simple, but yet so super cute envelope.

** edit: I usually print my templates on simple printer-paper. Cut around the edges. Then I put the template on the back side of the patterned paper I want to use. I trace around the template with my pencil, and then I use a ball point pen ( kulepenn ) to trace along all the dotted lines, to make them fold easily. **

Thanks for stopping by, and have a great evening.

fredag, november 26, 2010

warm toes :)

Hi my friends.
I'm sitting here by the fire, It is freezing cold in Oslo today, and we wear all the woolen clothes we can find in our houses. ;)

A really good day to knit or do something with warm soft wool and yarn.
I think this was the perfect day to share some really cute slippers I recently made, and they are SO comfy, soft and warm.
These are great gifts.
So easy and fun to make.
You tell me you are no knitter ...
Well, Don't worry! This pattern is for beginners and non knitters. ;)
It took me one evening to knit these slippers. ( and I'm a slow knitter!!)
So it is still time to make a few of these as gifts for christmas. :)
Mine are made with double tread of Mirasol from Du Store Alpakka, and knitted on needle eur #4.
You can use what ever yarn you like the best, just adjust the needle-number to fit the size of you slipper.
5/6½ - 7½/9 – 9½/10½ (US sizes)
35/37 - 38/40 – 41/43 (EU sizes)

Foot length: 22-24-27 cm / 8¾”-9½”-10 5/8”

Materials: DROPS ALPACA from Garnstudio
50 g for all sizes

For a more hard wearing slipper use DROPS Fabel or DROPS Delight.

DROPS POINTED NEEDLES size 3 mm / US 2or3 - or size needed to get 24 sts x 32 rows in stockinette st = 10 x 10 cm / 4'' x 4''.

Worked back and forth on needle. Beg with strap over foot. Cast on 8-8-9 sts on needle size 3 mm / US 2or3 with Alpaca. Work GARTER ST – see above – for 8-8-9 cm / 3 1/8"-3 1/8"-3½", cut the thread and slip sts on a stitch holder. Cast on 18-20-23 sts (= towards mid front), work in sts from stitch holder and cast on 15-16-18 sts (= towards mid back) = a total of 41-44-50 sts.
NOW MEASURE PIECE FROM HERE! K 5 rows on all sts (first row = WS). Work next row as follows from RS: 1 edge st in garter st, K1, * P2 in next st, K2 *, repeat from *-* until 3 sts remain, P2 in next st, K1 and finish with 1 edge st in garter st = 54-58-66 sts. Continue with K over K and P over P and 1 edge st each side in garter st. When piece measures 16-17-18 cm / 6 1/4"-6 3/4"-7" work next row from RS as follows: 1 edge st in garter st, K1, * P2 tog, K2 *, repeat from *-* until 4 sts remain, P2 tog, K1 and 1 edge st in garter st = 41-44-50 sts. K 5 rows on all sts, bind off loosely.

Fold slipper double and sew tog each side inside 1 edge st. Sew strap to the other side of slipper, edge to edge.
Knit 1 more slipper in the same way

The pattern for these slippers are by DROPS design

You can find the pattern in Norwegian HERE.
The slippers look like little knitted handbags when finished .... :p
But as soon as they are put on they fit so well to the feet. :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog today.
Have a great weekend - and keep you toes warm. ;)

onsdag, november 24, 2010

Home for chRistmas 2010

Hi my friends, and welcome to the first "HOME for chRistmas 2010".
I'm really SO excited to be hosting this month long christmas-inspiration "class".

As you know I LOVE Christmas, and all that comes with it.
I love the planning, the creating, the shopping, thje decorating, the thinking of what to eat and what to buy ...

Making lists, and cross out things that have been done.

I hope I can share some of my joy for this season, and that you all can enjoy a happy "unstressful" december.

To make sure I remember all the things I have to do during this busy month I need to keep some to-do-lists.
So I thought it was a good idea to start out this first day at "home for christmas" with some printable lists.

Have you ever felt the lists of things to do before Christmas just goes on and on .... and never seems to end.
Here is the list for you. ;)

Just click on the links below the pictures, and download the printable pdf.
Make as many pages as you like.
I have just put mine together with a old fashion paper clip. added a rusty snow flake and tied a bow, and put it up on my wall.
Download printable angel-to-do-list HERE
Download printable neverending to-do-list HERE
I have lists for all that has to be done, and also for gifts that need to be bought and things you need to remember.

I have made lists in english and in norwegian, so it should be something for both my national and international friends. :)

enjoy and have fun
Download printable gaveliste (norwegian) HERE
download printable gift list HERE

Download printable norwegian Huskeliste HERE
So many things to remember. Make sure you write it all down...
Download printable "things to remember" list HERE

Thanks for stopping by.
Hope to see you back soon.
I'll put up new projects and more Christmas-inspiration as often as I can.

mandag, november 22, 2010

Winter in Oslo

Hope you all have had a great weekend.
It has been a winter-like weekend here in Oslo, cold and snow.
Today it was grey, and windy as well .... perfect for indoor activities, like scrapbooking ( in my opinion ;) )
But my girls, and hubby was more than happy to go outside - it was the first day of ice on our local field - so they could go ice skating. Could it be better!!??!! LOL
...I just had to go take some photos of them ....

...and then run home to scrap the photos ....

All Cosmo Cricket "Mitten weather" chipboards on this layout.

These three layouts are all made for the Fall Crop challenges over at Cocoa Daisy.

I had so much fun attending this crop last weekend. And fortunately we had until today to finish the layouts and post them in the gallery.Thanks for stopping by.

Have a great week.


fredag, november 19, 2010

My Little Shoebox bloghop :) :)

Hi, and welcome to My Little Shoebox "thankful" bloghop.
If you just happend upon my blog today Go to My Little Shoebox blog and make sure you join the bloghop. The MLS designers have so much inspiring to share on their blogs.
Visit all the blogs, and go back to My little shoebox blog and leave a comment telling what YOU are thankful for, and we'll randomly draw a winner, that will win a MLS collection of their choice. WOW! How cool is that!! :)
Here is my little thank you card for this bloghop.
Here in Norway we don't celebrate Thanksgiving. That's sort of sad, because there are so many things to be thankful for ... and I think it would have been a good thing to celebrate, and remember all these things.
Anyhow ... it is always a good thing to say thank you .... so I created this card, and I'll give it to someone special, that I think need a little thank you ;) ;)

So, THANK YOU for stopping by my blog today.
Now hop, hop over to
Have a great weekend.


torsdag, november 18, 2010

I have made some decisions :)

Hi My friends.
I mentioned a few weeks ago I wanted to have a class with lots of christmas inspiration starting this month before christmas.
I have been working really hard on this.
I have made printables, created patterns for giftboxes and giftbags, made different kind of stuff, gifts, cards....

Then I redecided.
I didn't want to have a class.
It will be all stressful and I will put too much pressure on my self (being my own hardest judge). And All I want is this beeing inspirational and fun.
And the best way making this all just fun and good is doing what I have done the last couple of years:
Make my christmas"class" free for you all here on my blog.
Last year I called my free christmas inspirational posts here on my blog "home for Christmas".
It will be like a free month long class, filled with lots of christmas-inspiration, gift-ideas and love for Christmas.
This will ( hopefully ) be a good gift for you my wonderful, lovely blogfriends.

Hope to see you 'round, as I'll start nov 24th.
Posting Christmas stuff at least twice a week.
I'll make a special badge for these posts, so you won't miss them. ;)

If you want to buy some of the papers I've used for my projects, you can buy the special Christmas bundle I've put together on Etsy.
This is all 3ndypapir, 3 of each paper from "hilsen gudrun" collection, and 2 of teach of the tree papers from "favorites". (this is for internatonal girls only!)
You Norwegian Gils can buy your 3ndypapir papers in your local LSS or at my Epla shop. :)

søndag, november 14, 2010

I play

It is fall crop over at Cocoa Daisy this weekend, and I had so much fun joining some of the great challenges.
The above layout is inspired by a CD cover.
The layout below is about Edvin, laying on the couch, playing Bass guitar.

Here is a layout about my passion for cooking.

Thanks for stopping by.

Have a great week.


onsdag, november 03, 2010

happy news :)

Hi my friends.
Hope you all are having a great november.
Today we have some happy, happy news to share over at 3ndypapir. :)

I also had some time to play with my LOVELY My Little Shoebox papers today.

Love these bright and happy papers.

Wishing you a great rest of this november-week.

Thanks for popping by!