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onsdag, desember 16, 2009

HOME for christmas :) :)

WELCOME my friends!!
And again THANK YOU a million for all your sweet well wishes and comments.
I really feel better now. :)
And today I'm ready to invite you HOME for Christmas :)
I have started decorating my home a little bit. It is tradition for alot of people in Norway to decorate the tree and most of the house on the 23rd. We celebrate christmas eve on the 24th.
But because I LOVE all this decorating and creating and this season SO much I start a little earlier putting up little by little of my decorations.
I made these cute paper trees, and they are now standing in my livingroom.
They are so fun to make, and can be made in many different ways.
I'll show you how I made my circle-tree. :)

You'll need a foam "tree" a pot, a little bit of Oasis, hot glue / gluegun, a 1 1/2 inch circle punch and LOTS of punchout paper-circles. I've used scraps of patterned paper to punch out circles. bead-headed pins (if you want)

Glue the circles on to the foam tree, and secure with pins if you like.
I started on the bottom of the tree and glued circles round and round in a kind of random way.

When you have covered the tree with circles you can add a little wooden stick on the bottom of the tree. I found a little branch from a tree in my garden. I tucked the stick into the tree and glued it to secure.
I put the Oasis in the pot and put the tree into the Oasis, and glued to secure. Then I found some nature fiber to cover the Oasis.
A fun little tree to brighten up your home :)
As you know I have this advent tradition with my kids, we do different kins of things every day in december as our calendar.
Recently we needle felted some woolen hearts.
They LOVE to needle felt, and we use to do this every year.
this is one of the things they are really looking foreward to.
Here is one of the hearts we felted.
I've put it up in my candelair over my dining table.
To needle felt is SO FUN and easy, and I tell you, even my husband loves it, and he have some skills! This year he felted an ice-bear. (I'll show you pictures another day)
Eirun is one of the master-felters in our family. Here is her heart that got wings :)
Here is a mini step-by-step how to do it.
You need real lambs-wool, a styrofoam block to have under your project and a special felting needle. And then you just felt away! :)

This was it for this wednesday.
See you back on friday for more christmas inspo!

8 kommentarer:

Anita sa...

Så trist at du har vært syk, Gudrun! Håper du blir helt frisk og rask igjen til julen:)

Disse juleinnleggene dine er så utrolig inspirerende! Jeg er nødt å teste ut et juletre eller to, de var så herlige;) Har laget litt av det du viste i et tidligere innlegg, fuglehus og gaveeske. Tusen takk for inspirasjonen!:) Hvis du ser litt nedover på bloggen min finner du de.

Ønsker deg all god bedring og en nydelig siste adventsuke.


mettepip sa...

Så godt at du er på bedringens vei Gudrun!
Så flotte kreative juletrær du har laget - takk for inspirasjon!
Så koselig med slike adventstradisjoner, og jammen ble det fine hjerter også, både med og uten vinger;)
Jeg har kost meg med å lage meg en kalender jeg skal ha på skrivebordet på jobben. Har brukt nesten utelukkende 3ndyark;) Fra flere kolleksjoner. Blir jo aldri lei dem Gudrun!
Ha en fortsatt flott adventstid!
klem fra Mette

Kristine sa...

Nydelige juletrær og filthjerter du har laget! Fortsatt god bedring og god natt!

Julie Tucker-Wolek sa...

Gudrun!!! U are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! WOW WOW WOW!!!!!! I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee them! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Ruth Philps sa...

Merry Christmas Gudrun, you have such a lovely home and a very talented family... enjoy the Love the trees!!

"Soleil@mayotte" sa...

I'm so happy to read you again !
Here in France, we're beginning to decorate since the 4th sunday before Christmas. We call it Avent's sunday. So, as I like this season and all christmas stuff, I decorate, cook, make christmas art &crafts during 4 weeks, YEAHHH ! Thanks to share with us your wonderfull christmas trees, and "bravo" to your daughter, her heart is really cute.
Big Hug from Paris

Denise sa...

lovely projects Gudrun! Happy Christmas!!

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