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onsdag, desember 03, 2008

2. desember!!

2nd day of december allready!! And here are actually some snow, to just remind us it is SOON x-mas. I love, love, love this time of year. So much to do, but yet time to spend with my kids, doing all this cozy things.
Like every year our advent-calendar is filled with things to DO. This is really a great opportunity to give TIME to my kids, to my family - to make stuff together - to fill this season with close relationships, things to remember and traditions.
Yesterday we started off felting some cute, woolen hearts. You can see how we made them here: easy peasy!! :)

And today we made some food for the little birds, cutting coconuts in half. We also put up oat-sheafs outside our front door, for the birds to eat. :)
So if you want to join our journey - and what we DO before x-mas, please pop by, and I'll try to post something every day. :)

7 kommentarer:

Gladie sa...

Nydelige bilder, koselig førjulstemning :)

Sweet Marie sa...

Love the hearts ! So cute. And those pictures are so beautiful.

Anonym sa...

oh looks like soo much fun.
What great family projects.
Fabulous photos as always...

Julie Tucker-Wolek sa...

U are sooooooooooooooo COMPLETELY talented my DEAR!!!!!!!!!! LOVEEEEEEEEE those photos! :):):):):):):):)

Aquarell sa...

Ser ut som dere har det skikkelig koselig.:D
Likte virkelig den kransen du hadde laget i forrige post.
Ha en flott dag.:D

Kerstin sa...

Så koselig at du deler med oss :) Enig med deg at det er en fin tid nå. Travel, men fyllt med kos. Ha en fin førjulstid, og så skal jeg følge med på hva dere gjør famover.
Klem fra Kerstin

ToneF sa...

Sååå koselige bilder :)
Blir alltid så inspirert av å se i bloggen din, du lager så mye fint og tar så utrolig flotte og stemningsfulle bilder :)