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tirsdag, desember 09, 2008

Heartgarland :)

Hi my friends. Cold outside these days. Today it's foggy and grey here, but we have warm hearts, and a cozy time inside ;) Made this simple heart-garland to cheer up my windows. Really, easy, but I think they made my window cute and "christmasy" :)
Here is a minitutorial if you want to make one yourself :)
What you need:
patternd paper (red or whatever color you want)
corrugated cardboard
tread (as long as you want your garland to be)
A glassbead or something to embellish the end of the garland.
Heart-template (or freehand-cut your hearts)
I used my fiskars template to draw the hearts on my patternd paper. I made 5 hearts on each garland, so I needed to cut 10 hearts to cover both forth and back of the hanging hearts.

Cut out all the hearts

glue 5 of the hearts (or as many hearts as you want on your garland) on to the corrugated cardboard.

Cut the hearts out of the cardboard. Leave a "frame" of cardboard outside the patternd-paper-heart.

Put all your hearts in a nice and tidy row on your table. Find the tread you want to use to hang all the arts onto. My tread is as long as my window is high.

Turn the hearts upside-down, (with the pattern facing down). Attach the tread to the beck of all the hearts with some tape, just to keep them in place.
Then take the remaining patternd-paper-hearts (the 5 you didn't attach to the corrugated cardboard) and glue it on top of the cardboard, on the side you attached the tread. Now all your hearts should have patternd paper on both sides, and a "heart" of corrugated cardboard, and the tread going trugh all the hearts on the inside. :) The garland is allmost ready!

If you want to you can sew all around the hearts with your sewing-machine. That leaves a nice crafty look to the hearts.
I put a big glass-bead in the end of the tread thet holds the garland together, just to embellish it a littlebit, and to make it hang straight and nice.
Voila! Heartgarland is ready to cheer up your window. :)
You can of course embellish all the hearts with buttons, or whatever. I just left mine plain. :)
Have a nice decemberday!

11 kommentarer:

Torill sa...

Så enkelt og så flott!

Unknown sa...

*so* cute! Thanks for sharing & for the tutorial!

Lilli in Vancouver sa...

It's a beautiful project! It brings a lovely handmade touch to the season :)

banglamarie sa...

Så kul ide!!

T:o)ve sa...

Flott adventsinspirasjon Gudrun :)
Ha en videre deilig førjulstid!

Miaa sa...

Så fint!! Jag har inte hunnit göra någon karns och hur mycket jag än vill, så hinner jag säkert inte göra någon hjärtgirlang heller! Ha en bra helg!
Kram Miaa

Anonym sa...

Beautiful, and I love your tutorials!

Lene S sa...

Halla! Så koselig du har det her :o) Må se deg før jul! KOmmer du til Ski en dag kanskje? Ringer deg jeg :o)

Anonym sa...

o so cute!!! what a fun and quick project to make!!

Anonym sa...

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