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fredag, desember 17, 2010

christmas star ornaments

Hi my friends, and welcome to december 17th.
Hope you are all fine, and enjoying your december.
Today is the last day of school before Christmas for my kids, and the christmas decorating of our house will soon begin.
We save the tree and the most "serious" decorating for the 23rd, (as we celebrate christmas eve on the 24th ;) )
But It is always fun and good to decorate little by little during december as well.
Today I'll share some of my all time favorite STAR ornaments.
Love these tree.
As soon as you know how to make them they can be made in all sizes and variations.
Today I've made it easy for me, by just re-dericting you to some very instructive "how-to"s and videos.
You can find instructions on how to make the above beautiful swedish paper-star
Mine is not stuck together in the middle, but is all fluffy.
In Sweden these stars are usually made of wood / particleboard ("never" or "spon" in norwegian)
and the large ones have a light-bulb inside, and are hung in the windows.
These super cute little 3D stars are made by Eirun and me the other day.
I love to hang them on the Christmas tree, or use them as decoration on my christmas gifts.
So fun to make and very affordable as decorations. ;)
You can find a great instruction on how to make them
This LARGE paper-star looks gorgeous in my window.
I used 3ndypapir "felicia" for my star.
My star has 8 points, and are made out of 2 pieces of 12 X 12 inch patterned paper.
The pieces for each point measures 6 X 6 inch, but you can make the star any size you like.
My star is glued together using a hot-glue gun.
In the instruction shown here the star has only 6 points, wich works perfect for smaller stars.
You can find the instruction
and another step by step tutorial
Thanks for taking your time stopping by my blog today.
Have fun creating, and enjoy the season!