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mandag, desember 13, 2010

December daily

Even if last week was extremely busy I still enjoy making my December Daily album.
If you haven't been in to Ali Edwards blog yet, make sure you do. Her projects and all the inspiration she shares is amazing.
Today I'm sharing my day 3, 4 and 5.
These days were filled with so many things. Music, concerts, waldorf marked, doing things at home ...
I needed more than one or two pages for each day.
As our life is filled with so many things it is hard to make a foundation for a album like this in beforehand ... and I'm still happy for my blank pages to be filled in.
Last week was crazy. Hubby and I had concerts ( Händel, Messiah) every day, so that week will be a "short chapter" in this album. But the most important is: I will have a complete album from this december - our life: busy days and cozy days...good stories, and just plain everyday.

Pictures from the Waldorf Marked.
Last sunday was one of these wonderful, cosy days with lots of time just hanging around the house.
It was new, pure white snow outside, and we had so much fun playing, having this little photo shoot, drinking hot cocoa, eating ginger bread and just enjoying the day off.


All this being said, this has been the most busy and exhausting december (and actually the whole year ) ever.
I feel totally flat.
No batteries left at all.
I want to enjoy creating, I have so many projects i want to start, I have so many ideas..., but when it gets too much it is hard to enjoy the little things.
This weekend I Took all my scrapbooking stuff in to large garbage bags, and decided to "clean my desk" and shut down scrapbooking, papercrafting and creating.
it is probably impossible for a person of my kind to quit creating.
I have to create, no matter how tired and exhausted i am or how busy life gets.
It gives my life joy, and I love to create. It keeps me going.
So don't worry! I'll hang in, and still enjoy my creating.

Now the bags are back in my room, Things are in a mess, and I need to clean it all out.
Please be patient.

5 kommentarer:

Julie Tucker-Wolek sa...

These are GORGEOUS pages Gudrun! I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee the photos! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Knerten sa...

Så travelt du har det Gudrun, håper inderlig du tar deg tid til å sitte ned og gjøre ingenting innimellom også, vi trenger nok det noen og enhver !
Flotte Lo'er her, skulle så gjerne likt å høre litt av musikken som er spilt :-)
Ha en fortsatt fin advent, og husk - ta deg tid til å ta det litt rolig også :-)

"Soleil@mayotte" sa...

Take care of you !!! Hugs

Patty O'Malley sa...

Enjoy your posts but you need to take care of yourself, too. Nothing wrong with saying no once in awhile. It's hard to enjoy something if you are overwhelmed.

Marit sa...

I've been there too Gudrun... suddenly, the joy seems gone and it all seems so pointless and life overwhelmes you... but you are so right! People like us can't stop creating - and most of the time is gives energy instead of taking it away. Take care of yourself and do whatever feels good!