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onsdag, desember 15, 2010


Today I’m so honored to be the guest over at Scrappehuset.
They asked me a while ago to make a post for them on Christmas photography.
It made me so happy to be asked this, and I had a blast working on this project.

The article is all in Norwegian over at scrappehuset, and some of you, my blogreaders can’t read this strange little language… But I guess you can use google-translate if you like to read the post anyhow.

So, on to the process of my Christmas photo-shoot.Luckily my kids are pretty confident in front of the camera, and they were all excited and happy when I asked them to cooperate and play with me on this photo-session

It was a slightly gray, but still a nice winterday in Oslo that day. It was pure, new snow, and the kids wanted to sledge and go skiing around the house.
I was happy, and the plan was to just interact, and ask them to pose if needed….

Well, as you see – it is hard to be a mom … and a photographer…

Hubby planned to put up the outdoor Christmas lights that day, and Maybe this would be a good setting for Christmas-pictures…..

Well…maybe not …

Still we had lots of good laughs tho….

So, we decided to get into some serious photoshooting, and the kids lined up.
And as I said they enjoy this, and we had fun.
Wonder why it is so hard to get a picture where all 4 looks normal…..

We tried a few different locations, and it was all good.

So hubby had made some hot cocoa, and we all gathered around our outdoor table and enjoyed the cocoa and the beautiful winterday.
I had some gingerbread lollies as gift for the kids for the “hard work” they did for me with the photo shoot.

We decided we needed some photos of them with the lollies as well …

… I strongly recommend this setting for the most un-serious cristmas pictures …..

Now the short hours with daylight in Oslo was over. We packed the stuff and went inside for dinner and a fire.
We were all happy – and I promise – we had lots of good laughts looking at the result of the photoshoot.
Hope you’ve had some good laughts along the way too.

…. If you worry about my Christmas pictures ….
Yes, I got a couple of good ones too. ;)

To see more of my good pictures, and more of this photo-shoot, PLEASE visit scrappehuset today.
Have a great day.
Hope to see you back soon!

10 kommentarer:

Torill sa...

Tusen takk for at du delte med oss på ScrappeHuset! Supert!!!

Julie Tucker-Wolek sa...

Your kids are as BEAUTIFUL as their Mama!!! GORGEOUS photos Gudrun! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Vibeke sa...

Herlig!! Tusen takk for at du deler med alle oss :)

MonaV sa...

Herlige, morsomme og livlige bilder....av en flott gjeng ser det ut til!

Ania sa...

Så mange morsomme og flotte bilder :D Og så artig, her har vi akkurat laget pepperkaker-på-pinne og :D

linn kr/sykepleier sa...

Ser fortsatt ut som om dere har storkost dere. :D
Takk for at du lot oss ta en del, så flott at du stiller opp! :D

"Soleil@mayotte" sa...

What a beautiful family you have !!!

Patty O'Malley sa...

What wonderful, fun photos! I am so jealous of all the snow you have. Where I live we get snow but not often enough for me. I absolutely love it!

Marit sa...

LOVE your pictures Gudrun! You seem like one big, happy family and it splashes right of the screen!!! Enjoy the winterdays!

Aquarell sa...

Så masse herlige bilder da gitt! :)
Du har utrolig flotte unger!