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fredag, desember 03, 2010

December daily

I have been looking forward to start my "December Daily" for a long time now.
I really enjoy following this project by Ali Edwards every year.

You can read more about it, and see all Alis wonderful, premade pages on her blog.
My album just consists of blank pages, other than my cover, the very simple front page, des. 1st and des. 2nd.
No premade pages, but the pages will be made as I go.

I love the idea of premade pages that Ali does, just to fill in the picture and the story of today.
But my time ran away .... and - to be honest I think I fit best to make things as I go.... ;)
Here is my day one.
We had so much going on that day.
Putting up stars in the windows, decorating outdoors, baking traditional "knekkebrød" ( a crispy bread ).
Edvin brought home a little bird that had broke his wing, and that was a story to tell as well ....
So, lots of things...
I made this photo-collage to cover it all.
One whole page for journaling was good for this day.
On the next page I added a brown envelope with the recipe for the "knekkebrød" inside. :)
Here is the premade page for my day two.
I knew this day would be über busy. Me working, having a class in ski, hubby working, kids practising at the kids marching band, hubby working at the waldorf christmas marked ....

No pictures was taken this day.... so I'll have to sort out what to do...
This december album-project is really one of my favorite projects of the year.
It feels good to capture the little moments of everyday during this busy, wonderful season.

So many wonderful, talented people are joining alis DD2010, and I have the best time browsing trough the flickr-album.

Thanks for stopping by.
Have a great weekend.
- gudrun -

13 kommentarer:

Sherry Eckblad sa...

beautiful december daily album I especially love the cover.

Julie Tucker-Wolek sa...

Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this Gudrun!!! And I got my papers yesterday!! Thanks!!! LOVE THEM! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Anonym sa...

this is just beautiful! i wanted to pop by and say hello...i'm catherine's daughter. she is visiting me in va right now and brought along the papers you gave her. swoon! i just think they are gorgeous! your book is lovely so far and i look forward to seeing the rest. xoxo cristina

vavie sa...

it's really nice !

Anonym sa...

Your album looks nice so far -- and what a good idea to include your traditional recipe. I did that last year with the sugar cookie recipe we always use. ~ Laura

Marit sa...

I have my own December party coming up soon, so no DD for me... but I enjoy looking at all the talented artists - like you! - filling it up!

Karen sa...

Beautiful!! I need to make more mini really inspire me!

Debbie P sa...

Beautiful cover to your album. It's looking so nice. Great job!

Lula sa...

ÅÅÅ Så nydelig prosjekt Gudrun;) Nå ble jeg inspirert til å gjøre det samme her....Utrolig flott minne å ha!

Ha en fortreffelig helg!


Aquarell sa...

Å, så koselig album!
Tror jeg skal la meg inspirere av dette, og lage et slikt album til meg selv.:)
God helg til deg.

cia sa...

I really like the Noel on the transparency page - so cool how you did that!

alexandra s.m. sa...

So excited to see you're making one this year as well!

Denise sa...

wonderful project Gudrun. I would love to do this some year!